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By: Dave Dee on: November 21st, 2013 No Comments

Time for another “Mind-Reading Moment” from your friendly neighborhood Psychic Salesman on how you can close more sales.

When it comes to CLOSING THE DEAL as a salesperson, I’m wagering the following challenges come to mind:

  • You’re sick and tired of rejection…
  • Clients don’t return your calls as often as you’d like…
  • You can’t get appointments with decisions makers…
  • You dread the thought of making even one more cold call…
  • There’s a gnawing pain in your gut whenever you hear the phrase “But I can get it for less from …”
  • That dotted line sadly remains unsigned…

Right now, more than ever, it’s a constant struggle to simply
CLOSE-THE-DEAL.  Sales slump, “new” economy, down-in-the-
dumps consumer confidence …. Call it what you will but your
bottom line on all of this is simply …“I WANT OUT!”

Well, I have good news from my friend Brian Tracy:

You CAN Double Your Sales Income in 35 Weeks or Less!  Brian has JUST unveiled a brand NEW video series where he will reveal the secrets to closing WAY more deals – in fact,  DOUBLING your sales income over the next 35 weeks.

Now Brian has trained more than TWO MILLION salespeople in over 60+ countries, so he knows his stuff.

And this is all NEW – uncovered through grueling research and hard-data science.  His team has carefully “reverse-engineered” what top performers do… how they work, how they think, what they say …  to uncover EXACTLY how top producers can earn 10 times more than the average salesperson.

When you have these strategies working on your behalf, within 35 weeks (or less), you’ll be generating TWO TIMES what you make now — month in, month out.

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In his FREE video series, Brian will reveal:

  • Eleven POWER words you must commit to memory, take to heart, and repeat to yourself each and every morning in order to jump-start your personal “sales operating system” and perform at maximum effectiveness
  • How to leapfrog your way from the bottom 10% of sales people to the top 10% of income earners – in just two ridiculously SIMPLE steps.
  • Four “human actions” top performers simply refuse to do. No it’s not eating, sleeping and bio-breaks… (and it’s nothing strange either) but they can literally turn you into a “super human sales dynamo” when you apply them.
  • Five beliefs all high earners ($200,000/year and above) carry with them… providing a firm “Success Foundation” that practically borders on magic!
  • The number one factor ignored by vast numbers of salespeople that almost always makes or breaks the deal. In fact when used, it accounts for 80% of every sale! (HINT: it’s NOT the product, price, presentation or even your sales skills!)

And a lot more besides.  You do NOT want to miss this:Find out how to DOUBLE Your Sales Income…Click Here

I love this stuff and I can’t wait.  Hope to see you there too.

NOTE:  Since you already have your eyes open, I want to make clear that what Brian will share does require hard work – it isn’t a “magic pill” – but the rewards these strategies deliver are well worth it.

Plus, when you sign on for this Video Series, Brian will GIVE you a copy of his “Everyone is a Salesperson” training in absolutely FREE!  It’s a KILLER bonus just for showing up.

Don’t miss out – this training will not last long: Find out how to DOUBLE Your Sales Income…Click Here

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