For Ladies Only? You Can’t Be Serious…

By: Dan Kennedy on: January 15th, 2013 6 Comments

Over the years I’ve become known as “the professor of harsh reality.”

I was dubbed this because I was the only one in a chorus of yes-men who would ever point out the flaws in a proposed idea.

Not everyone always likes to hear about flaws. In fact, I learned early in life that most people prefer delusion to reality. Dislodging people from their delusions often winds up making you the brunt of their anger—the “shoot the messenger syndrome.”

However, you and I need to relentlessly seek out reality in our own businesses and our own lives, even when unpleasant or uncomfortable as real success is based on truth.

I suppose that sounds elementary, but in actuality,  people  often avoid hearing unpleasant truths.

Next month I’ll be speaking at GKIC’s Women Entrepreneur’s Next Level Summit where I’ll be delivering some straight facts. I’ve decided to toss caution and tact aside and deliver a very ungentle collection of reality and advice that comes from my experience and dealings with the most successful women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and celebrities I’ve worked with over 38 years—and there have been many.

Last year we began this event which is exclusively for women entrepreneurs leading or engaged as partners in business, not as an exercise in segregation, but as what Walt Disney called a “plus-ing.” A plus-ing is an additional opportunity for exploration of shared interests, exchange of knowledge, networking and inspiration. To simplify: more knowledge is better than less knowledge.

I’ve heard from some of what I –affectionately and respectfully—call the “women with balls” in GKIC that they were not happy about this event. They wanted to know why they were being singled out. They felt they were being asked to sit at the kids table. Admittedly I can see their point. A lot of what I see merchandised to women in business by women coaches and gurus doesn’t have much substance.

But I don’t see this event that way…

To me, it’s another means of expanding and providing additional opportunity to a group with special interests—similar to what we’ve done with Info-SUMMITs just for info-marketers.  Or what we’ve done within our mastermind groups like Lee Milteer’s Peak Performers/Implementation Coaching Group, or our Platinum and Titanium groups.

Members helping members, encouraging, networking, entering joint ventures and creating another productive community within GKIC.

It’s also been my experience over 30 years that women do have a different mindset about business than men.

After working with both women-owned and men-owned businesses, some of the broad observations I’ve made between men and women are as follows.  You will find some of these observations truer than others because everyone is unique. And you may find that you don’t want to hear some of them.

I’ve noticed that men tend to be more short-term, immediate outcome, and any-means-to-an-end thinkers, while women entrepreneurs are interested in a more complex collection of issues.

Both are double-sided coins. For instance, men tend to be less concerned than they should be with how customers or clients feel after a sale is made, and with sustaining relationships over time. Women tend to be overly concerned with how customers feel, which can foster timidity and inhibition.

Overall, I think men are less wealth-inhibited, but women are smarter about money, or at least inherently capable of being smarter about money – and there is factual evidence to support the latter conclusion, from long-term studies of male and female investors.

Women, statistically, are paid less than men inside hierarchies, but also tend to price lower than men, charge lower fees than men, and avoid negotiation and confrontation more than men – although that has not always been my experience—Joan Rivers, comes to mind.

I don’t see anything wrong with airing these matters, facts from research about them, opinions that may or may not be accurate, considering and discussing the differences.

Ultimately, I don’t believe there’s anything I would advise or say to a man in business I wouldn’t to a woman in that same or similar business, but there is advice I would give the woman that I wouldn’t give the man.

There is different conditioning, and there is bias. To deny either is, I think, delusional. To deny it in the interest of political correctness or to avoid risking offending women is, I think, counter-productive.

Exploring reality like this isn’t for everyone. But it can be useful to entrepreneurs who are will to open up to find out what may be holding YOU back…What is getting in YOUR way, what conditioning or belief is getting in YOUR way, what conditioning or belief systems or barriers do YOU have, what business, marketing or selling strategies might best fit YOU?

I invite you to be relentless in your pursuit to seek out reality in your own business and life…and be willing to develop the habits of being brutally honest with yourself and insisting that others you rely on give it to you straight.

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6 Responses

  1. Looking forward to your presentation in Orlando, Dan!

  2. Melodie says:

    Great article Dan.

    I had never thought that men and women think about business differently. After reading this post and looking at my own experience I can see how I tend to me more “feeling” oriented where my male counterparts tend to look for short term success.

    I wonder if there is someway to take the best from both world? I guess that’s where good teamwork comes into play.

    My business is about helping small businesses grow. I find myself constantly thinking about how the customer feels and I find it holds me back.

  3. Hi Dan.

    Yoo have worked and continue to work with women and I’ve noticed that they are very intelligent, but also have a development of intuition over the man.

    The man is usually more quiet and thoughtful woman instead is often a hurricane. Having women in the business side always helped me to make decisions and they always have a very different perspective from men, and that in the end will be that good.

    Greetings genius.

  4. Dan, you have hit the nail on the head when you said “’I’ve noticed that men tend to be more short-term, immediate outcome, and any-means-to-an-end thinkers, while women entrepreneurs are interested in a more complex collection of issues” My husband I often seem to have different priorities when it comes to our business, but they eventually dovetail together. I still think my way is usually the right way!

  5. John Baikie says:

    I think Dan’s comments are very appropriate. For example, women do negotiate differently from men, however “different” does not mean “inferior”. There are times when the woman’s approach is more effective than the man’s, and times when it is the other way around. I don’t believe any one of us should be trying to make women more like men, or vice versa. We should all be celebrating the “differences” and working together with one another to use the respective different skills and approaches in a way which leads to the best overall outcome. It is unfortunate and unfair that in the past, and in many countries, in the present time, women have been discriminated against, in such matters as pay and other considerations. If Dan, in his upcoming speech, could strike a blow for women to be afforded equal opportunities to employ their skills fully and be rewarded accordingly, in whatever profession or country they may be, then he would have done something really worthwhile and courageous.

  6. Scott says:

    I disagree that men are more short-term thinking in business.

    How is that men have built all the great companies of all times, built all the governments, created civilisation, etc.? How could they do that by being ‘short-term’ thinkers? Men can do these things because THEY are the long-term thinkers – NOT women.

    Men are the strategic ones that look at the bigger, longer-term picture, and make decisions based on this, and not short-term emotion. Women are the more short-term thinkers, making decisions based on what ‘feels’ right at that moment.

    Dan, I think you are doing a bad thing with this special conference for women. It only serves to validate this preposterous idea that men and women can do the same things. What nonsense. It gives women the idea that they can take on male-dominated positions – roles that they simply don’t have the stomach or biology for.

    If anything, Dan, you need to put on a conference just for men, to tell them that they need to ignore this idea that they need to be thinking with their feelings when it comes to business, and they need to stop acting female when it comes to business. They need to be told that this ‘equality’ idea is about the stupidest concept that’s come out of the last century.

    Women’s place is in the home, using their softer, feeling-based emotions, and nurturing instincts on making the home, and looking after the children, instead of palming the kids off to daycare, running around thinking they have male genitalia and can therefore do whatever men can do, and just as good.

    This idea is silly, is the cause of much stalled progress, frustration, divorces, and resentment, and needs to stop. This ‘equality’ idea is about as silly as the idea that men have ‘discriminated’ against women through the ages, chaining them to the kitchen sink – presumably whilst we were off having too good a time inventing things to make women’s lives easier, dying in mines, being buried under roads, winning wars, and all that other selfish stuff.

    The world is becoming too feminine, too feeling-based, too ‘live for the moment’, too pink, too politically correct, too emotional, and less thoughtful. Men need to be men again, and women need to be women again, and enough of this nonsense.

    The world doesn’t need another conference telling women that they can do everything men can do and better, that they have been discriminated against, whilst men have been having all the fun.

    But of course the thing will go ahead. And the march to extinction goes onward.

    I might just have to put on my own men-only conference. Because that’s what this world really needs right now.

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