Five Tips To Increase Your Conversions This Holiday Season

By: Nick Loise on: December 16th, 2014 1 Comment

We’re racing towards Christmas—FAST.

There are a lot of shoppers that haven’t even FINISHED their Christmas shopping. People are still trying to figure out that unique gift for that special someone or what to buy the person who “has everything.”

There’s still plenty of buying to be done which translates into plenty of opportunities for you.

But what if you don’t sell traditional gift type products or services?

Could you offer a gift certificate?

Or is there a service you offer that could make people’s life easier during the holidays—such as a restaurant that could offer to cook the holiday meal or quick meals on the go for stressed-out holiday shoppers? Maybe a tune-up for the car or a special car emergency kit for those traveling during the holidays?

And have you made yourself appealing to holiday shoppers?

So how do you go about capturing their attention and providing the best experience for your holiday shoppers to drive conversions, fast?

Here are my top tips for helping people in the shopping mood get the most out of your offers.

  1. Create a dedicated Holiday Page on your website. People don’t want to work to find what they want—and may not even know you have something special to offer for the holidays.

Show them a page with gift ideas on it.

Pack your landing page with holiday images and suggestions of the kinds of gifts you have to offer will really draw people in and get them engaged.

This is especially important if you might not normally be the sort of place people would think of shopping for a gift. Nearly every business can offer at the very least a gift certificate, so making a landing page with a holiday looking gift certificate may just spark some new business.

  1. Use holiday-themed emails. Entering the conversation that is already going on in their head is always a good idea. (Tweet this!) And this time of year it’s especially easy to do because there is a good chance the holidays is exactly what’s on their mind.

Subject lines that include things such as “7 unique gifts for that hard-to-shop-for person,” “Last chance for Free shipping on holiday gifts” and “3 ways to make your last-minute Christmas shopping easier” instantly grab attention.

  1. Provide suggestion cheat-sheets. Sometimes people are totally clueless about what to get their loved ones. Providing a detailed guide can help people get past this issue. Include size or amount charts where applicable.

To do this, simply list some target audiences followed by a product suggestion or two for each category. For example…

  • For the college student
  • For the new business owner
  • For the entrepreneur
  • For the writer
  • For the stressed-out mom
  1. Trigger higher spending. Sure you want to increase conversions, but you can also look at increasing your average order size. You can offer things such as:
  • Free delivery at a certain level of spending. For example, if you offer free shipping at $100, let people know when they are close to that threshold.
  • An upsell, or two. While not everyone is going to take your upsell, about 20% usually do. Offer at least one—if not two upsells.
  1. Offer a special touch. Do you offer themed gift-wrapping? Do you have a special holiday report you can throw in?

If you have something special that ties in, this can be the final personalization that helps seal the deal. Plus, if gift-wrapping is something you normally charge for, this might just be a way to increase your order size.

Be sure to let people know what special touches you offer by including a distinctive box that tells what you offer and what their options are. And don’t forget to remind them again at check out.

What other ways are you targeting your customers this holiday season? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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Nick Loise, President, comes to Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Inner Circle after being a successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive, info-marketer and lifelong student of Dan Kennedy and Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Inner Circle . He originally saw Dan Kennedy in 1994 at a Success International event in Arizona, and he’s been hooked every since. He has owned and operated two separate businesses, one that is still in operation today. Nick has implemented the keys principles of Magnetic Marketing and Direct Response Marketing into all of his business and professional endeavors. He has served as a top marketing executive at companies ranging in revenue size from $1 million to $1 billion.

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  1. David Hunter says:

    Great ideas, as always, Dave!

    I love the idea about adding a “Holiday Page.” Plus, you can direct customers to that page with all the marketing campaigns being put out. Then, you can track to see how many customers entered through that specific page.

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