Even Santa Claus Can Be a Niche

By: Dan Kennedy on: December 1st, 2009 5 Comments

There are riches in niches for your small business marketing…I nag again, again and again.

This year, the first official international convention of The Almagamated Order of Real Bearded Santas was held in Branson, Missouri, attended by over 300 professional Santas with real beards (a niche within the Santa niche!), plus some Mrs. Santas and a few nebbishy elves horning in on the fun.

I was at a National Speakers Association Convention in the late 70’s not much bigger than this – now NSA has 5,000+ members and is the trade association of that industry.

Our Information Marketing Association is headed in the same direction.

And, with 80+ local Chapters and more getting going, size of our annual SuperConference increasing, etc., Glazer/Kennedy Inner Circle becomes an international association of a size to be reckoned with.

EACH of these associations and all others (there are thousands) represent a lucrative niche market for somebody. And I am again going to nag, nag, nag about riches in niches; about finding a small market or slice of a market that you can focus on.

NICHE EXAMPLE*: Consumer electronics retailer/cataloguer CRUTCHFIELDS offers the Hispanic market a separate, dedicated toll-free number providing sales and tech support people fluent in Spanish and a separate Spanish-language version of their web sites. (www.crutchfieldenespanol.com).

NOTES FROM CRUTCHFIELD ABOUT HISPANIC CONSUMERS: They do a lot of research at the site but still prefer talking to a human to order. Relationship matters more to them than to non-Hispanic consumers, so, for example, being able to get and talk to the same salesperson every time they call matters.

The point: in EVERY market/business there are specialty opportunities. Find yours.


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  1. Great Post… I have a client that is involved in a specialized form of complementary therapy for health problems…

    Had him open the “National Therapist Association” for the illness… and now he is seen as an expert in the filed and is having his first convention!

    Its important to get out there and do it… in every industry there is a wide opening for people with vision to come in and form a group… and increase their profile ans well as profit off it in a big way!

  2. charles says:

    get this…
    about finding a small market or slice of a market that you can focus on.
    EVERY market/business there are specialty opportunities. Find yours.

    thanks Dan

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    …whatever niche you want to be in… do it with Passion.

    …the grumpy people of the world never make the money the passionate people do – so be passionate and you will be amazed at how easy you can make money.

  4. Thanks, Dan. One of the toughest things for business owners to do always seems to be to IGNORE most of their potential market. They think they’re passing up possible customers/clients/patients by having a narrow (niche) focus, but actually the opposite is true.

    As you’ve taught us for years, “If your target is everyone, then your customer will be no one.”

    I always LOVE to hear the success stories of people marketing to ridiculously tiny niches and pulling in wads of cash!

  5. […] what one person considers “white noise” is what another considers Grammy material. There is a niche market for just about everything. That’s why it’s important for us to have that pile of junk to dig […]

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