Do You Shoot First?

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 5th, 2010 5 Comments

I’d like to talk about why I don’t think most entrepreneurs are “programmed” to acquire and analyze information before acting.

Nobody bothers to get some information before coming up with and implementing ‘ideas.’

I see it in my clients, too. They choose — choose! — to operate in an information vacuum.

Why is this?

Maybe they are ignorant of how much information exists on any given subject. Maybe they don’t like their ideas challenged. Maybe they are lazy. In too much of a hurry. In each case, undoubtedly some or all of these apply.

In addition, I just don’t think most entrepreneurs are “programmed” to acquire and analyze information before acting.

The more I pay attention to those around me, the more I realize how very different I am in this particular behavior. My first response to just about any new ‘thing’ is to round up whatever information I can, take it in, sort it, analyze it, think about it, talk about it with a few ‘sounding boards.’

When my divorce started, I went to a bookstore, library, had stuff provided to me from the Internet. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, same thing. When I take a copywriting job in a category I’m not familiar or current with, same thing.

I like a small mountain of information to work with. Ultimately, I save time, avoid mistakes, save money, make money, validate some assumptions, invalidate others.

So, if you were suddenly handed the task of running a restaurant and knew nothing about doing so, and had eight hours before you took over, how would you spend those eight hours?

I hope NOT shooting baskets and sleeping.


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5 Responses

  1. I agree whole heartedly but have one question, at what point does the practical amount of information need to be put into action? I tend to take in everything on a particular subject and then want more while knowing that I need to start engaging in the thing itself.

  2. Rob Anspach says:

    … Sorry to hear that you’re diabetic. My daughter who is 21 has been diabetic for 11 years…my wife and I have researched this disease, tried numerous alternative health solutions and spent countless hours in hospitals.

    Learn to be inquisitive! Take everything you learn and break it apart.

  3. absolutely awesome, smashing post Dan – Shaqir Hussyin is a lifelong FAN and buyer of your money getting products!

    thank you soo much for all the value you provide ;-)))

    Shaqir Hussyin

  4. Allen makes a great point… and that’s the challenge I think most entrepreneurs (or any service-related industry which needs to research) has to deal with.

    With copywriting… I typically research until the thought of adding more information into my head on that subject makes me wanna vomit. At that point, I know it’s time to start writing :)

    Overall though, I’d say just get more info into your brain until you reach a point where you can get the basics done. Then, put it into action and get it done. Once it’s done… get more advanced info, etc.

    For example let’s say you want to lose weight. Get the information by reading maybe 2-3 books as quickly as possible… creating an outline and writing down whatever you think will work for YOU the best (since there are 84 million different ways to lose weight).

    Then… put them into action one-by-one… and move onto the more advanced stages once you’re done.

    Hope that helps Allen! That’s what works for me at least :)

    Jeremy Reeves

  5. Pretty odd. I have seen the same thing over and over. Never been able to this one out.

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