Do You Have A Plan B?

By: Dan Kennedy on: February 3rd, 2011 2 Comments

I want to share what you need to be doing when things don’t go your way…You know they never always do – do they?

I got a call from my trainer at the racetrack. We currently have 29 horses in the barn, 20 of which are mine in whole or part, and only 2 are in to race tonight. One of those two has ripped out a tooth chewing on his stall gate and may have to be scratched tonight. What are the odds?

In raw numbers, a freak incident, with less than a 10% chance of occurring. Or, if you calculate the number of horses who knock a tooth out chewing on their stall gates on race days, more like a .0000001% chance. But when you factor in the merry prankster Murphy, the odds are pretty damned good.

That’s life.

Most people spend a whole lot of time “poor me’ing”, depressed, angry, certainly distracted by all that goes ‘wrong’ in their lives. I try to spend very little time or energy that way. If something actually goes right, terrific. When it doesn’t, I’m not surprised. And I’ve usually got Plan B ready.

Expect the best, insure against the worst, respond creatively to everything in between.

I’ve put on hundreds of seminars, large and small. I have yet to arrive at the hotel or other site and find everything set up as it’s supposed to be. Not one time in 30 years. Not once. So call me “negative” if you wish, accuse me of “negative self-fulfilling prophecy”, but I get to every venue with ample time to fight, kill, fix, re-arrange, do the whole room and a/v over if I must. I trust nobody. I could think really, really, really positive and just show up on time. But I’d rather not slip on a banana peel just to amuse ol’ Murphy.


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  1. Paul Serwin says:

    It’s always beneficial to have a Plan B, and usually it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan C either. You’re right, Dan, nothing ever seems to go according to plan. But if you’re too busy making excuses or crying about how things never go your way, you don’t have the time to fix the situation you are in.

  2. I get that having a plan B can be useful. But what about the teachings of Sun Tzu, The Art of War, he tells us that we can not fummly commit to somthing if we havent fully burned all our bridges. Ya know, theres no turning back now attitude, all or noihing, dangerous ground??


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