Do It Now Not Someday

By: Dan Kennedy on: September 27th, 2010 3 Comments

Will the size of your funeral be determined by the weather?

Founder of NSA, a friend, the late Cavett Robert used to say that the size of your funeral will be determined by the weather. I’m embarrassed to admit, I missed his.

More importantly, I did not find time to visit him in any of his last years. Here are two separate thoughts about President Reagan and his funeral:

One, I wonder how many people were at the Reagan funeral who hadn’t bothered or ‘hadn’t had time’ to communicate with Nancy once in the prior year, two years, three years?

I’m not talking about the nearly 200,000 ‘regular folks’ who came to pay respects; I mean people the Reagans knew and who knew them, people he worked with, helped. I’ll bet, a bunch.

Funny how a death gets people to do things they had no time for when the deceased was still alive.

It’s a reminder to do things now. Not someday.

I try block a day a month for no business, just relationships; calling, talking with, taking to lunch, going to see people, just to do it, no purpose. You’re probably not nearly as bad about this as I am. But there’s probably something or someone(s) you’re neglecting.

Two, how many people do you think could ever have 200,000 people come to pay respects? I doubt the weather would have mattered. Not that it’s any sort of sane goal in and of itself; I presume it won’t matter to me if no one comes. But as a symbol of the influence, impact, contribution you make, it’s something.

There can be no mistake: I believe zealously in capitalism, the profit motive, and as pragmatism, that if you are running a business your responsibility is business, not dogooderism of any kind. However, there are lots and lots of ways that you can create success in business and, as by-product, have considerable positive influence.

Earl Nightingale said, paraphrasing, if a business owner would spend an hour daily brainstorming ways to be of greater service to his customers, he’d soon dominate his field or market, because that’s the last thing most business owners think about. We probably think of ‘service’ in too narrow of terms.


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3 Responses

  1. Rob Anspach says:

    One hour of brainstorming every day to make yourself better for your clients…most businesses won’t even think about it! Yet when they have no work they try to come up with ideas then…by then it’s too late.

  2. Rob – you hit the nail on the head on that one.

    “Yet when they have no work they try to come up with ideas then… by then it’s too late”.

    I admit I don’t actually set aside “quite time” for brainstorming new ideas… although when I listen to education material I have notecards in front of me and jot down any ideas that flow through me.

    That way instead of spending $97 – $3k on a product and getting nothing out of it… all the main ideas go straight into my “Idea Box” – which I have sitting on my desk at all times.

    (Which right now… is about 4 inches high of notecards)

    Jeremy Reeves

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