Change In Economy? Plan Your Wealth Game Differently.

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 20th, 2013 7 Comments

Our recent government ‘circumstances’ once again have economists, lawmakers and analysts talking. Discussing how this will suck money out of our economy while spreading anxiety among consumers and businesses that will likely put a damper on economic activity.

Talk from politicians, media, economists, etc. surrounding events like this is not uncommon.

Remember in 2008 when their advice was to ‘lower our expectations’ and ‘shrink our lifestyles’ in response to tough economic times?

Or in 2004 surrounding the mortgage meltdown and housing crash when the Financial Times stated that “the end is near in use of exotic type mortgage money?”

How many times have you heard a television talking head say things like ‘the party’s over’ or ‘brace yourself’?   These are the common arguments used… making many believe that there is no other way to save yourself other than to ‘lower your standard of living’ or ‘reduce your spending’ or ‘live cheap.’

Unfortunately, I suppose it may very well be valid advice for those who accept it – those who routinely accept “governance by circumstances.”

But for you and me, lowering expectations is the least rational response I can think of. It only makes sense if you wish to cede control of your life to circumstances. That is a fundamental choice that belongs exclusively to you.

Granted certain circumstances may very well make it harder to attract wealth.  I built my first businesses during the Jimmy Carter recession, with tight credit, double-digit interest, inflation, unemployment lines and gas “shortages.” While some things may very well be avoidable, others may not.  And those who are experiencing economic unfriendly circumstances for the first time, it is terrifying and can be paralyzing.

There are, of course (and always will be,) changed and changing facts and realities in the business and financial landscape.  A good way to think about them is similar to how a pro football team adapts to playing games in changing conditions. They play on natural turf, artificial turf, outdoors, indoors and famously in any weather—rain, shine, snow, heat—regardless they play to win. And somebody does every time.

I drive harness racing horses in good and foul weather, outdoors, year round. I can count on one hand the number of times the track where I’ve been driving the past 13 years has postponed or rescheduled a race due to violent ice storms and blizzards.

Given the differing weather and track conditions, you plan your race strategy differently. (Tweet this!) You may condition your horse differently during the week and you may equip him differently on race night. You may dress differently and you may need to steel yourself mentally for bitter cold or pouring rain or mud. But you do not set aside your intentions of winning.

This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time traumatic change affects the economy. Whatever the realities are, one is that there is wealth. As long as it exists, it is yours to attract, by combining the right thinking, strategies, actions and behaviors.

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7 Responses

  1. Louloune says:

    Hello Mister Kennedy,

    I really respect your work and I think you are a very good Motivator and Adviser.

    One of my goals is to get 100 000 € on my bank account by March 2014. Can you please help me to reach that goal please? You can maybe just give one or two advise which can help me achieve that goal.

    My circumstances right now is that I am looking for a job since beginning of September. I have a trilingual diploma, I speak Spanish, French and English.

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

    Best regards

  2. I agree certain circumstances may very well make it harder to attract wealth but if you are focused and are very good at something you can always Laser focus yourself and drive forward with a Positive attitude!
    Something I have done and still doing to this day. Believe me, it works! Thank you.

  3. Cori McGraw says:

    I really enjoyed the analogy you shared regarding the harness racing that you do, where you prepare yourself and your horse for any type of weather or conditions. That was fascinating, and also really exemplified the principle that you were trying to communicate. Thank you for sharing a real-life example from your own experience. That was very relatable and inspiring.

  4. Mike says:

    I’ve read it before that Dan Kennedy drives horses in harness racing events.

    You are using your harness racing driving as an analogy for strategic planning and the pursuits of winning in finance and wealth creation.

    Back to the harness racing. It’s sometimes a dangerous sport where the unexpected can and does happen — with potentially fatal outcomes for horses and drivers.

    How do you prepare for those risks on race day — mentally and practically?

  5. Bob Lancer says:

    Hi Dan, thanks for the important reminder that WE are the creators of our own economy. When news of an “economic downturn” began buzzing over the airwaves I overrode the message by affirming: There is nothing but opportunity in every economy. Our results are the product of our FAA: Focus, Attitude, Actions. Focus on your goal, discipline yourself to practice the attitude of optimism toward it, and take steps toward making it happen. In every economy there are those who prosper, and anyone who chooses to can be among THEM.

  6. David Hunter says:

    Agreed! I create my “own” economy!

  7. Hi Dan. I love this post. Why is it that the leaders of our country always tell us to put on sweaters and drive less while they continue living their lavish lifestyles. It’s to keep us in our places with lowered expectations. Screw that!

    Can’t wait for the Info-Summit!

    All the best,

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