Can It Be Done?

By: Dan Kennedy on: September 23rd, 2010 2 Comments

In my previous post, I talked about your goals and hitting your targets. Now I want to talk about making fundamental choices in life.

Who Can Carry The Message To Garcia?

Hopefully, you’ve read and are familiar with the ‘message to Garcia’ story, a classic. If not, I’ve reprinted here.

There’s a profound shortage of such people. Few “get it”.

You remember the last episode of Trump’s first season, Quame vs. Bill – if the situations had been reversed, Bill at the casino, Quame at the golf tournament; sign lost at the tournament; would you have seen Quame headfirst into a dumpster finding that sign? No. And that’s why the right guy of those two won.

At one of our event’s, we had the audio-visual crew from hell the first day. Kids with walkie-talkies might have been better. But this was a major operation: multiple overhead screens, video cameras projecting speakers or images shown on the projectors onto those screens. Sound through two systems. A mountain of equipment.

Still, to her immense credit, before I had the opportunity to do it, the Event Coordinator fired the company, and that night had their entire set-up dismantled, hauled out, and replaced with a new system and new company. It took from [11:30] PM to [4:00] AM. Most people in her place, heck 99 out of 100 in her place would NOT have done this. Instead, they’d have a long list of reasons it “couldn’t be done.”

I have a paperweight on my desk that reads, simply: IT CAN BE DONE.

And I think you make two very fundamental choices in life. One is about yourself; are you the person who gets it done, who always gets the message to Garcia, who can be counted on, who will not accept no for an answer, and who reacts decisively, massively, quickly to every threat – or are you the waffler, the wimp, the doormat, the unreliable performer?

The other choice is about the people you permit inside your world, that you rely on, invest in, work with, enrich. One tip: when someone returns with excuses and an undelivered message, don’t give him another one to deliver. Just put a bullet between his eyes and try another messenger.


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2 Responses

  1. Hell yea it can be done!

    Personally… I don’t think you’re a TRUE entrepreneur until you have those words firmly embedded in your mind.

    Jeremy Reeves

  2. It wouldn’t be a major GKIC event without you taking some shots at the A/V guys, Dan.

    I abhor excuses as well — just not so sure I’ll be using your suggestion in the last sentence of this post.

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