Are You Too Smart?

By: Dan Kennedy on: March 31st, 2011 8 Comments

“It’s okay to think you’re a cowboy, unless you happen to run into someone who thinks he’s an Indian.” – Kinky Friedman

Yep, just about the time you think you’re invincible and a genius….

There’s always somebody smarter, at least about something. There’s always somebody faster. Tougher. Richer. Etc. And you never really get too smart for the room or for any room.

I believe the first Platinum Members to rush in their renewal form for Platinumin , Tier 1 was Ron LeGrand. Ron has been in my Platinum group since its first year, since its inception. He’s seen others come and go.

He is, in many aspects of the information business, arguably too smart for the room – yet he knows better; he knows there are things he doesn’t know, things he knows but needs reminded of, somebody who’s smarter about some thing.

Not infrequently, somebody tells me they’re simply getting too much information and don’t need or can’t handle any more – and I’m always amused.

Zig said he (still) reads three hours a day. I get AND READ over 50 newsletters a month.

A client who said he thought he was too smart for the Information Marketing Association room had 30 questions about celebrities and infomercials that were all answered on that month’s IMA tele-seminar he missed.

Another who told me he was too busy to read a resource I’d recommended made a $30,000.00 mistake in his business he would definitely have avoided, had he but read that month’s issue of that particular publication.

In the novel ‘God Doesn’t Shoot Craps’, there’s a little riff on the subject of ‘mastery’, which the author admits cribbing from another source.

It’s a good riff. Find it and read it. And seriously, decide, if you’re just in your business or are working to master your business; if you’re just doing what you do or working to master what you do.

I had to tell a fledgling, over-priced copywriter: “You know, there’s more to getting $100,000.00 for writing a direct-mail campaign than just raising your fees!”

Just like Cavett told me about my speaking in 1977 : ‘Because you know so much about promotion, you’d better be careful about promoting yourself too much too fast, otherwise you’ll just speed up the pace at which the world finds out you’re no good.”

I’ll tell you a little secret: I’ve always been all about the Benjamins in my business activities, but at the same time I’ve been all about mastery of those activities. Not just doing them to make money but doing them so masterfully no one else could them as well, so the making of the money was easy, automatic and guaranteed.

I think most businesspeople get up in the morning thinking about doing what they do to get money. Not so many get up thinking about doing what they do to get mastery.

Oh, and there’s a big diff between thinking you’re a cowboy and being a cowboy.


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  1. val says:

    great stuff.i’m off to master my business

  2. Luke says:


  3. KC says:

    Mr. Kennedy,
    I am need of some help, please? I need help with a Click Bank Issue, which is quite frankly ruined my life, for now. If you have a moment, can I speak to you, Sir?
    Thank You,

  4. KC says:

    I have been charged for things I have not purchased, and furthermore, My Entire Bank Account, has been wiped out, is there a way to fix this?

  5. Scott Martin says:

    Yes–I’m too smart!

    But seriously…it’s hard to argue with results and I’ve really worked on my copywriting in the last year…and I’m getting measurable results for my clients. Your books help.

  6. linden moe says:

    such a ridiculous thought of business owners thinking they are too smart. bill gates, steve jobs , donald trump are always surrounded by consultants…hmmmm

  7. nyxem says:


  8. Jake says:

    LOL Karen you crack me up.

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