Are There Any New Ideas?

By: Dan Kennedy on: January 7th, 2010 9 Comments

In my last post I wrote about creating a fundamental checklist of success by using Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich as a template.

A second type of checklist to construct and use is what I call a ‘Practical Creativity Checklist.’ There are a number of methods for rearranging the existing and old into the different and new that actually account for most innovations in the world. There may not be anything new under the sun.

Now here are some of the things that belong on this practical creativity list.

Number one: we can plus the product, service or business? Plusing is addition, adding to. Several years ago a company rolled out a new product, peanut butter and jelly swirled together in the same jar. Depending on how you want to look at it they plused the peanut butter with jelly or vice versa. The product didn’t do well but it’s a good example of the idea.

Number two: we can minus the product, service or business? A convertible is a car without a hardtop.

Number three: can we do it with size? The entire instant printing industry is a result of a size change. Once upon a time printing companies were large and relatively inaccessible and intimidating to the general public and the small entrepreneur.

Printers were located in cheap rent and industrial sections of town. They had no customer service people.

The instant print shop, the small print shop changed the industry dramatically by mixing modern, retailing methods with an old industrial service.

Number four: can we change it through usage? Railroad ties are decorative items for landscaping.

Number five: can we change it with color? The computer monitor is a monitor but a hot product in the computer industry today are monitors available in a variety of brightly colored plastic boxes, hot pink, purple, yellow and fire engine red.

Number six: can we change its market? The perfect example of this is again, the computer industry. All the original thinking behind this industry saw the computer as a business product like the copy machine. But at some point the PC, the personal computer was born. The innovation here is really not a different product it was a change in thinking about the market for the product.

Number seven: can we make a price change? Installment purchasing was a price change innovation. The classic two for one sale was a price change marketing strategy. In the restaurant business the dinner for two is a price change marketing strategy.

Number eight: can we resurrect the old? Remember the convertible automobiles were a dead issue in the industry until Iacocca brought them back to life. This type of creativity stimulators grouped on a checklist help you look at a given product, service or business from many different perspectives.

Okay I’ve now talked about two different checklists that every business person should construct.

Whoaaaa Nelly…there’s actually a third that I’ll reveal to you in just a few days in the next blog entry.


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  1. Brilliant article. I got a new idea a third of the way through.

  2. Rob Anspach says:

    …same thing goes for your marketing…
    very few people knew about toll free numbers then all of sudden they started appearing in marketing ads… and then business starting advertising easy pay methods with credit cards… and free shipping… and so on and so forth.

    Look at your present marketing…now look at 100 different industries and see what they are doing to “pull in” a client… try it…if it doesnt work…try something else… keep trying new ways to attract clients.

  3. Charles says:

    plus the product, minus the product, do it with size, change it with usage, change it with color, change its market, make a price change and resurrect the old.
    what great idea for product creation.
    thank you Dan.

  4. Jim Rowe says:

    As always Dan got me thinking about my business and thats a good thing!

  5. Rob Anspach says:

    What changes can you make in your business by changing or offering something new, different, or taking away or adding to a product or offering?

  6. Garth "South Beach' Gibson says:

    Let’s see in the last few days I’ve seen ads for shoes that all the tv chef’s are wearing that help them COOK beter, by fixing their posture using a system once used on astronaunts, while standing.
    (Hint they are Crocs with a knife and fork imprinted on them!)

    Then there are the walksing shoes that magicially help you build more muscle but without spending hours in the gym or running a marathon.

    Furniture moving pads turned into a home exercise system.

    A magnifier attached to nail clippers sold to help you stylishly shape your
    nails as if you went to Spagos but without spending a fortune.

    Coffee beans sold as “No-Doze”.

    Half-a-car sold at nearly the same price of mid size Toyota Prius
    because it’s hip and has great gas mileage and fits in a parking space
    made for motorcylces.

    A $1,000 bike with the handle bars in the back while you sit facing forward.

    Need a new idea? There’s An App for That!

  7. We could do ketchup and mustard mixed together a la peanut butter and jelly…?

    great post- lots of “food” for thought!

  8. More proof that we’re in the right place by following Dan Kennedy.

    Is there any better source of a constant stream of money-making ideas and winning mindset for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals? Has there EVER been one?

    This post emphasizes the immeasurable and irreplaceable value of being a part of a Mastermind Group (I’m a member of 4 of them). There are so many sources of great ideas to boost all of our businesses, and it helps to have other like-minded, sharp marketers to help us find ways to implement them in our own businesses.

    This blog post can be the basis for HOURS of money-making masterminding, Dan. Thanks!!

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