A Woman’s Best Friend

By: Dan Kennedy on: December 30th, 2010 6 Comments

WARNING:  If you are easily offended skip this post.

More than half — 56% to be precise — of women feel that their household pets are more affectionate than their human partners, and 45% find the pets more physically attractive.*

I believe I am ahead of Oprah, Phil and The View on this one. Apparently, the term ‘desperate housewives’ has deeper meaning, far beyond the frothy TV show.

Humor or, depending on your perspective, fear aside, I link this to the subject of the two prior posts, as the end to my little presentation on ‘selling by psyche.’

You see, the bottom line of the human experience and the human psyche is restless dissatisfaction, the vague, always there feeling that there must be something better just down the road, over the next hill, in the home diagonally across the street, in someone else’s marriage, bedroom, corporate boardroom.

Presumably this is genetic, hard-wired, from the beginning. All progress has come from such dissatisfaction. Without it, caves and candles and everybody thinking, “what’s wrong with this?”.

The only reason there’s a stapler on your desk is somebody got fed up with folding corners together. But the price of all human progress is, apparently, unrelenting human dissatisfaction. Anybody who says God lacks a sense of humor just isn’t paying attention.

What motivates all action, all buying action, is, at foundation, such dissatisfaction.

From an advertising, marketing and selling standpoint, I am about to risk a very vivid but very ‘adult language’ analogy . If you are easily offended, you might stop reading now. However, the analogy seems especially appropriate given this post’s title.

As analogy, the G-Spot. There is that spot, if stimulated, that produces very predictable response. If really stimulated, it suspends all thought, common sense, reason, and unleashes a totally visceral, physical, emotional response. (My private phone number is…)

Well, think of the D-Spot located elsewhere, in the brain. D for Dissatisfaction. In advertising, marketing and selling, you want to locate that D-Spot in the prospect’s brain (which may very well be a simpler task than locating that other spot) and stimulate it until the prospect is in seizure, back arched, every muscle taut, eyes rolled back, breathing in gasps, drenched in sweat, desperate for release. Then present your, uh, solution.

* from BizRate Research, ‘Pets & Women.’


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6 Responses

  1. Ray Higdon says:

    Great stuff, lol, and so true. Easier to sell to that D spot!

  2. Scott says:

    all progress comes from dissatisfaction. Someone should tell Barry Schwartz that.

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    …I just returned after a 9 day trip to DisneyWorld…and believe me the D-spot and maybe the other spot as well is practiced with utmost scientific principales that to watch it is simply amazing.

  4. Ed Lynch says:

    No B.S there, Dan! Finding that “D” spot should be the main goal of every marketer on the net. Great article.

  5. Alan says:

    Spot on, Dan!

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