“Justin Bieber” Business Strategy

By: Dan Kennedy on: May 29th, 2012 45 Comments

Hitting the newsstand last week, teen pop-star Justin Bieber was on the cover of Forbes Magazine…

The article about Bieber, who just turned 18 this year, highlighted his entrepreneurial side, discussing his business savvy and how he is personally involved in growing his business beyond his music.

Since his debut three years ago Bieber has grossed $150 million.  His fragrance, Someday, did $60 million in retail sales during its first six months on the market.  Those income streams helped Bieber personally earn an estimated $55 million over the past 12 months and $108 million over the past two years.

Combing his tech savvy, his social influence and his fast money, the article said Bieber is working on translating this to enduring wealth by investing millions into private start-up companies. Even more impressive, is the fact that he began on this path three years ago when he first hit the music scene.

And according to his manager, he now owns stakes in a dozen tech companies such as gaming outfit Sojo Studios and Spot­i­fy, the disruptive music service founded by Daniel Ek.  He also meets with his business manager and lawyer each week to learn about business and managing his career.

So he’s 18 years old and making a ton of money from his singing career and merchandise. He’s already so busy touring and making appearances and selling cologne and merchandise. He’s released a new album and going on an intense worldwide tour next year worth an estimated 80 million to him.  Why not wait until he is older, seasoned and has more time?

This is what most people do. Wait that is.

And it’s a HUGE mistake.

A key success principle I teach clients is: simultaneous, not sequential.  Most people are conditioned starting in early childhood to try progressing in strict linear fashion, in single, sequential steps.

You crawl up the steps, on after the other.  School, sports, the Scouts, etc. all have participants advancing from one level to the next to the next.

Regrettably, this best prepares people to be drones in corporate or government bureaucracies—not to be entrepreneurial creators of their own realities. And, often, people fatigue from sequential progress long before getting anywhere.

For example, most people approach finances sequentially: first, get a job and income; then get a car, house, stuff; then start saving, whatever’s left-over; then start investing only after accumulating enough savings to make it worthwhile; then manage investments for financial security—but hardly anybody goes that full journey.

Arnold Schwarzenegger famously began diverting income into real estate before he even had a place of his own rented, while moving from friend’s apartment to friend’s apartment, sleeping on their couches.  Imagine, a homeless real estate investor! And ultimately, a very wealthy property owner.

At bare minimum, the correct approach is a set percentage of all gross income to savings from day one.

So the overriding principle here is to work on present and future simultaneously, not sequentially, like Bieber.  And please note: there’s no law of sequential.  What you want to do is drag the future toward you in the present, not wait to catch up to it at some distant time and place.

Another, linked principle incidentally is: start before you are ready.  Whatever it is you think you’ll do someday, do something to start now, even if you aren’t ready.  Do you think Bieber was ready to make business decisions at age 15?   Probably not.  But he did anyway and invested in both finding people who could help him and in learning how to do it himself.

The great copywriter, my friend Gary Halbert said, “motion beats meditation.”  General Norm Schwarzkopf, who I worked with on a multi-city speaking tour for 2 years even insisted that starting in the wrong direction is better than not starting; that course correction once in motion is easier than starting in the first place.

The best structure for setting up a simultaneous business strategy is to have 3 columns: the first column is for your “Now & Short-Term Goals”, the second column is your “Soon & Medium-Term” (3-5 years Forward) and the third column is your Future & Long-Term Goals (5-10 years Forward).

Activities are then organized into what can be done or at least started now, for all three columns.  For example, for column #1, an owner of a local business might go speak at small, local business groups, network, personally prospect to get clients, customers or patients that do not fit his Medium-Term or Long-Term vision of his business at all but may pay the light bill this week, while simultaneously devoting some time every day (even 15 minutes) to writing his promotional book he’ll get into print and begin using in 3 years and simultaneously devoting some time every day to pursuing relationships with thought-leaders in selected industries he intends on specializing in, 5 years or further into the future.

Only by working in all three columns every day is progress for the 2nd and 3rd assured and the future drug toward the present, rather than pushed away, potentially forever.

The Forbe’s article on Bieber ends by saying that perhaps “someday Bieber will live well not from the songs he sings but the assets they let him buy into.”  Get clear about where you want to go. Start working on your 3, 5, 7 and 10 year goals each day. When you do, you too can one day live the future you buy into starting today.

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45 Responses

  1. Alice Coaxum says:

    Very smart business strategy on Justin’s part because the music industry is fickle but the investments he is making now can be there for him later.

    I agree we should be focusing not just on our mini goals but looking at the big picture. Great post!

  2. Kevin Cullis says:

    So to reframe this post: Don’t be a serial entrepreneur (one business after another), but start being a parallel business right from the start (two or more businesses at the same time).

    Thanks Dan.

  3. Gabriel says:

    “Bieber Fever” was impossible to miss. Like a fan club, we learned how to apply different levels of “membership” beginning with packages. This led to the creation of a new (and already profitable) department – all entertainment related.

    We got the right critter with the right bait!

    Thanks Dan for the super two-punch of The Ultimate Sales Letter (read & APPLIED first) & The Ultimate Marketing Plan! We’re that much closer to replacing ourselves with automation and by giving people what they want, and NOT what they need.

  4. Danny Flood says:

    Great insight into wealth building. My biggest mistake is the opposite of waiting, I think. It’s trying to do much and becoming overwhelmed. What advice do you give to someone who is trying to do too many things, and not doing many of them well?

    • Dave Dee admin says:

      This is just confirmation that you are a true entrepreneur! I understand exactly how you feel. Many of our members have felt the same way. The typical entrepreneurs mind runs in many directions simultaneously. This can be your biggest asset if managed correctly and your largest liability, if it’s allowed to take over. What many people have found is that by organizing all their thoughts and projects is the key to their success and ultimately their riches as well. For each person though how to get here is a little different. I recommend that you call 800-871-0147 and schedule a complimentary strategy session. Your specialist will learn about you and your needs and make sure you’re pointed in the right direction to achieving your goals. Does this help? Now don’t let your mind wander onto your next project…call now!

  5. Martin says:

    What a remarkable story this is. I am quite curious though whether this outstanding success is by Justin Bieber’s genius or he stumbled into it by chance though it makes a lot of sense and a lot can be learnt from it. Aren’t there similar success stories again by chance rather from own thought process and which do explain incredible outcomes that dont come from many ordinary people. All my life, I have wondered why there the often quoted statics of 10% successes and 90% failures in the world. Doesnt this big question ever bother people thought is it often used as a selling point of any success books?

    • Dave Dee admin says:

      How Justin Bieber arrived here is somewhat irrelevant, as questioning how HE got to here is a lot less important than figuring out how YOU can get there. Keep working hard and take use the lessons from his success and apply them to your business.

  6. Excellent article Dan. I really like the fact that you shared about even if it’s only for a short time each day, the medium to long term goals should be being worked on, as well as the immediate goals. Thanks

  7. Artur Grant says:

    It’s very good advices.

    I think it will help me to make better my terrible time-management))

    Thank you, allways glad to read nice posts!

  8. Perfect timing Dan!

    I have been wondering how to schedule in my next (sequential step) and now you have made it very clear – it begins today.

    Thanks for pointing out the “conditioning” aspect to why we behave in such a way as to prevent things from coming to fruition.

    Now, lets draw up those columns…


  9. Jean Paul says:

    Wow! This is probably one of the best articles on this blog. Thank you for letting me know I’m not crazy!

    I’ve started talks on deals that may cost me more money than I have made this year to get in – but I’m doing it anyway.

    I know somehow I’ll make it work – and I’ll raise the funds to complete the deals.

    The point is, don’t let your current circumstances dictate your future. It’s like a train journey – you don’t just get off because the train stopped somewhere. You will keep going till you get till your destination.

    So wherever you’re now is like a train stop. You need to get ready for your destination but you can’t wait till you get there before getting all you need.

    Thank you Dan!

  10. I’m glad to know that I am doing it right. And by right I mean just doing it even though I feel like I am just flailing along. Sometimes it seems that I just make it work because I am taking on more and more with each project and always doing things that I have never done before. Sometimes it’s only when I look back on the past that I realize how much my business has actually grown.

  11. Bruce says:

    Today I am starting this system Dan.
    I believed I was doing this. But looking back, I’ve been in sequential mode.
    Today is a great time for improvement.

  12. Thanks for the great blog Dan. It has helped me to see how I need to plan out my goals instead of trying to look at the big picture all at once and feel overwhelmed. Now I will set up short term and longer range goals and work toward the prosperity I plan on.

  13. Emily says:

    This is exactly how I felt it should be. Thank you for confirming my feelings and thoughts. My husband on the other hand kept telling me to hold back, wait until you are ready, wait until the right time, one thing at a time.

    But I felt that one thing at a time will put too many eggs in one basket and I could fail faster (therefore succeed faster) if I do more than one at the same time, while still not over stressing myself and using my time wisely to give all the attention they need.

    I also felt, like when we had our second child, it is never the right time, so why not now!

    And really, when are we ever ready for anything!

  14. Christine says:

    I wish I had someone like Dan advising me when I was 18. Now I just hope to impart some of his wisdom on my sons, while using it myself, and setting an example for them.

  15. Ahmet says:

    Fantastic just what I needed. Great article!

    Thank you

  16. Manju Thirani says:

    This is what a great mentor/coach does-shows all possibilities-not just the now but the future as well!
    And the credo of “motion beats meditation” from Gary Halbert
    couldn’t be truer!
    As a grandmom from India,I am keenly interested in online and mobile marketing-both platforms of now and the future.Yet lack of a brilliant mentor and accountability person like you Dan,tears away from starting and doing anything.
    Your comments and analysis has also woken me up to the fact that time is of the essence,not timing !
    We can rectify a mistake but can never get back lost time.

    • Dave Dee admin says:

      Keep up the hard work. We do know it’s hard to go it alone. If you want to learn about one on one mentoring call and schedule a strategy session with your personal specialist. They are there to discuss your business and guide you in the right direction and if that direction is mentoring, they can discuss that with you. Simply call 800-871-0147 and your concierge will set up a complimentary strategy session with your specialist.

  17. Paulo says:

    Yes indeed…Simultaneously and Fast is the way.

  18. Very nice! This would help me a lot as neophyte to step forward and achieve what I want to be. Thank you!

  19. Andrew says:

    Love this article. I just dont get why motion beats meditation. Yes – arnold schwarzenegger made a lot of sacrifices, but it doesn’t mean he is happy (didnt he just break up his wife)? Isnt happiness what we are all after? I personally 200% happier when i am meditating and I actually argue that meditation can beat motion. Im not against motion – but just sharing a different point of view. I wont be surprised if like Michael Jackson, Elvis and many other of these young celebrities that poor old Bieber might crash and burn at a young age (when he realises fulfilment has nothing to do with how much money you make/fans you have). I really hope he doesn’t.

  20. Grant B says:

    You just confirmed my thoughts and actions are not out of place. Well presented

  21. Andrew says:

    A very timely reminder of what Robert Kiyosaki preaches in his Rich Dad Poor Dad books, the difference being that Dan has managed to squeeze the essence into a single blog post rather than several hundred pages, and simultaneously twist it towards small business owners.

  22. Shale Ntsima says:

    Thanks Dan, so much is happening since i linked with you. I was at that stage where I was starting to think my problem was that – trying to do it all simultaneously, now i shall just forge ahead

  23. this article is fantastic. thank you Dan! lots of great lessons!

  24. Janine Elias says:

    I love your work and use your insights to mold and direct my business ideas and habits… but lately I’ve been questioning my actions. I feel like I’m constantly in the development stages and not out there doing the work I’m developing. And even this past week I put together yet another web site when I promised myself I wouldn’t at the development of my newest training program but after reading this post I feel hopeful and inspired. I know it’s about to blow up sky-high and all my efforts are paying off in spades! Thanks Dan, I will stop by more often to get my dose of doing it right with your insights!

  25. Eruwan Gerry says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thank you for your absolutely eye-opening article.
    I do have to confess, all this while I was carrying out my business sequentially!
    No wonder my success came at a very slow rate whereas some of my peers are getting success in leaps and bounds. Obviously they are doing things simultaneously. No wonder they are getting more success faster than me.
    Now I know what I need to do to step up my game.
    Thanks again for this valuable sharing. :)

  26. Interesting. My advice to others has always been to start somewhere by putting one foot in front of the other. It’s still good advice if you’re not doing anything towards your goal, but I appreciate how you’ve opened that up even more. I can see that it is much easier to change direction once you’re in motion than to start from a static position. A three-column approach to building the future you want – I love it!

  27. MarieGrace says:

    Wow, this is so humbling and lots to learn from. Nothing really beats hardwork! I like the idea of sequential work – I need to apply that in my business! Thanks Dan as usual! Im learning a lot from being a member and just by being around you and your teachings!

  28. Gus Ceja says:

    Wonderful advise and Congratulations Justin: Remain with Joshuwa 1:
    Be blessed our entrepanuer spirit!

  29. Braden says:

    I’ll have to keep this around as inspiration to just go out and do when I think I am unqualified.

  30. Gene Riordan says:

    Thanks for the great article. It matches my nature to do things simultaneously and definitely makes me happier. Example: be a Philanthropist NOW, join an Optimist Club, or other community services organization and do things NOW. Why wait until you’re old and retired, and look “extinguished”?! You CAN fit it in now.
    It’s pretty cool that Dan Kennedy would recognize and praise what the young Justin Bieber is doing and urge his readers to take a lesson!

  31. […] I haven’t read the article yet, but I trust Dan Kennedy and his integrity so if he says it&#82… […]

  32. Jack says:

    Ideally those reading this article should be aged 18 or so. What can u say to people aged 70 and above?

    • Dave Dee Admin says:

      Your question is one that reminds me of another question…

      Question: When’s the best time to plant a tree?
      Answer: Either twenty years ago…or today!

      We can’t do anything about what we didn’t do in the past, but we can start applying these principals to our business and life right now and that’s even more important if you don’t have 30, 40, 50 years to get to where you want to go. Start draging your future results towards you today instead of just waiting for it to happen, because when you just wait, the results may not get there in time.

  33. Kurniawan says:

    your story is fantastic. justin bieber is talent, gifted so he can make money and his money can make money (with good financial coaching). for common people like me, i must saving money so when the time is right, i will invest my money in something good.

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