“Found Money!” Three Ways to Plug Holes In The Money Bucket

By: Dan Kennedy on: April 17th, 2015 2 Comments

Earlier today I wrote an email about a video that shows you one very specific technique to plug a hole in your money bucket.  If you missed the email you can get the video by clicking here.

Now though I wanted to give you a little something extra to think about for the weekend.

While what I’m about to share isn’t an uplifting topic, it’s a very lucrative one so I’d urge you to take this very seriously.

That said, right now you are probably losing money, and lots of it.

You have people calling your store, office, restaurant etc…that you’ll never hear from again, but your competitors will.

You have people going to your website or websites…that you’ll never hear from again, but your competitors will.

You have people who’re physically walking into your store, office or restaurant that you’ll never here from again…well, you get the idea.

The fact is that there are five huge opportunities that, if not acted upon are costing you lots of money.

The good news is you can act upon these areas and see huge increases in your revenue and profits and they don’t require vast, elaborate systems.  Below I’ll go through the three areas and briefly show you how to plug these holes in your money bucket.

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Three Holes In The Money Bucket 

  1. Call – No Action: As much as 85% of the time this is exactly what happens when someone calls into an office, store or restaurant.  The issue with this hole is that it’s often disguised as good customer service.For example if someone calls and asks for hours, directions etc…most of the time the person gives the information, deems their job finished and well done and goes about their day.  This was a lead capture opportunity that was missed and money just slipped through a hole in your bucket.

    IMPORTANT: You PAY for and have invested in every in-bound call.  Every in-bound call is either a success or a failure, a gain or a loss.  Every in-bound call FAILURE removes money from your business and ultimately your pocket, making it more difficult to invest in new customer, client or patient acquisition!

    The plug for this hole is simple and while there’s no “one size fits all” exact answer…I’ll give you the exact remedy and with 10-15 minutes of creativity and thinking you can plug this whole and start keeping money you’re now letting slip through your fingers.

    The remedy is an in-bound call script.  Remember professionals don’t “wing it” and REAL business owners certainly don’t let their part-time, 17 year old high school student employees “wing it” either.

    There are three ways to do this but for brevity’s sake I’ll give you the best one it looks something like this:
    <After the caller asks their question you/your employee says>
    “I’m happy to answer you question. May I have your name?  Before we take care of your question can I get your address and send you our FREE/Complimentary (insert some gift, coupon, information kit here.)  May I please have you address?”

    While weaker in many cases, you could instead ask for a cell phone number to text an offer to, or an email address to send an offer to.

    Hole #1 Plugged!  No create a follow-up campaign for those people.

  2. Web Site Visit – No Action: You’ve no doubt heard the saying that website “HITS” are “How Idiots Track Success.”  See you don’t get paid in hits or even traffic…you get paid in actions.  Even if you make 100% of your money from advertisements on your site, you don’t make money unless people actually click on something.What percentage of people come to your website and leave without you ever getting a single piece of information from them?  Most sites it’s as high as 99% or more!  Can you imagine if you had a store and for for every 100 people who came in only 1 ever made a purchase?

    Every web site visitor cost you money somehow and FAILURE to capture their information is money spilling out of a hole in the bucket.

    To remedy this check out this video by Jeff Johnson.

  3. NO Sale – This is the most obvious hole and the one people feel the pain of most often.  You need to understand there are a variety of reasons that people fail to accept the service or product you want to sell to them and most of them do NOT mean that they are a bad prospect.

    Dean Jackson (who is speaking at the upcoming GKIC SuperConference) found that in the real estate market, almost 50% of his sales came more than 6 months after he first met his prospect.  What changed his business and will change yours too is a systematic follow-up sequence.

    While the follow-up program differs for each business, the basic strategy is a) follow-up aggresively and intensely in the short term and b) if needed patiently and persistently in the long term.

There are many other holes but addressing these three right now will stop much of the flow of money out of your bucket and into that of your competition.

Again…if you like these three and want 10 MORE strategies that’ll show you how to add 25% – 300% to your bottom line almost overnight then you can click here and get my Roadmap To Success System for free from GKIC.



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  1. David Hunter says:

    Learn something new every day! Great idea on having employees start collecting call-ins’ contact info before answering their questions.

    For my site, I added a lightbox sign-up form which pops up over the text after a set period of time (5 seconds) offering 7 Marketing Mistakes. I’ve seen my subscriber rate triple since I added it, and I just added the 7 Marketing Mistakes, so I’ll see if that increases conversions.

    I’m with Dean. I was in real estate for 6.5 years, and it could take months before getting a listing, let alone making the sale to another buyer. Follow up was key.

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