5 Rules For Attracting Your Ideal Customers, Clients Or Patients Through Facebook

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 9th, 2016 13 Comments

There are a lot of misconceptions concerning my thoughts on social media.  Let me make it clear that while I think the world would be a better, far more productive, and in some cases safer place without people checking their phones, Facebook, twitter feeds, email, tablets etc…every 6 seconds; in large I view advertising on Facebook as just another type of media, just like, email, direct mail, banner ads etc… 

And right now, because of the tools that they make readily available it’s a type of media that you’ll ignore at your own peril.  Chances are if you’re not using it to find, engage, and monetize, monetize being the operative word, your customers, clients or patients then your competitors are.

Below I’ve included 5 Rules for Attracting Your ideal Leads through Facebook as told by a true Facebook Monetization expert, and the co-author of my No B.S book on social media, Kim Walsh-Phillips.  Kim just released a live presentation called “How to Convert Facebook Traffic Into Cash Paying Customers, Clients and Patients” which is, well, pretty self explanatory.  If you’re looking for an actual USEFUL purpose for Facebook, then I’d suggest you click here now and watch it.

5 Rules for Attracting Your ideal Leads through Facebook – Kim Walsh-Phillips

There’s a lot of bad, incomplete and incorrect information floating around out there about how to use Facebook to attract your ideal customers, clients and patients. Many “experts” preach that you should get as many Facebook “likes” and followers as possible for the sake of building “awareness.”

To paraphrase Dan Kennedy:

“You can’t make your mortgage payment with ‘likes’, pay your employees with ‘likes’ or take ‘likes’ to the bank”

That said, I do have clients successfully extracting dollars from social media by implementing the following principles for squeezing trackable ROI from Facebook by following these 5 immutable rules:


Rule #1: Treat Facebook Like A Cocktail Party, Not A Shopping Mall

Many marketers make the mistake of direct selling on Facebook.   It’s a good place to announce special events, offer specials and get people to sign up for your email list.

But if you constantly post, “Come Buy My_________ (fill in the blank)” you’re making a big mistake. Your goal on Facebook is to build relationships and motivate people to come visit your company website or physical store.

Remember, Facebook isn’t a shopping mall. It’s a cocktail of people hanging out and being entertained. They want to spread the latest cat memes, find out where their friends went for vacation, and chat with their high school buddies.


Rule #2: Have An Attractive Lead Magnet To Get Prospects To Leave The Cocktail Party

So, how do you get people your website? You need an attractive lead magnet—just like you would if you were trying to attract leads outside of social media.

Yes, that’s right, it IS possible to apply “old school” direct response tactics to Facebook. Yet, most companies have a vague slogan on their Facebook pages with no call to action.  

You need to aggressively siphon Facebook leads onto your list so you can market to them. Some ideas for lead magnets include a coupon, a checklist, a roadmap, or any other valuable resource your prospects would pay for it if weren’t free.


Rule #3: Make Sure You’re Targeting Your Ideal Customer, Client Or Patient With Your Lead Generation Magnet

It’s one thing to capture leads on Facebook. But it’s another thing to attract “dud” leads that won’t buy from you.   Filtering through these tire-kickers and “looky-loos” can be akin to getting a root canal if you’re not targeting your ideal prospect.

The key is to be laser-focused with your lead magnet so you can attract your ideal customers, clients or patients. This involves having the right title for your lead magnet, and the compelling copy to motivate prospects to opt-in.

For example, if you’re a search engine optimization expert and you want to target information marketers who are making at least 6 figures in their business, the title of your lead magnet could say something like:

“A 5-Step Search Engine Optimization System For Advanced 6-Figure Info-Marketers”

See how that title attracts your ideal prospect? To hone this further, you would insert “disqualifiers” in the copy that would repel people you don’t want to work with…if you choose.


Rule #4: Always Test You Facebook Images With Your Ads

Facebook lets you A/B split-test your ads.  Actually you test ad A against B, C, D, E and F.  And images are the first things you should be testing with your Facebook ads because they are what catch the eyes of users.

One way you can test Facebook images is to test different colors. Facebook’s color scheme is blue and white, so you’ll want to test colors that clash with Facebook’s color layout, including bright orange and red.

The other thing you should test is your value proposition in your image. The word “FREE” will always catch the eye of a Facebook user.

Lastly, you’ll want to test your headline, subhead, and offer text.  

A quick tip: you don’t want to test small “tweaks” like a different word in the headline or a different color in the image.   You want to test major variables, including different value propositions, different images and alternative headlines. That’s where you’re going to see your conversions gradually soar.


Rule #5: Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Are Targeted

Often times, Facebook advertisers create ads that target an entire country. This will get you a lot of clicks but will waste a lot of money for the most part.

Facebook provides a whole host of targeting options—including interests, behaviors, education, and connections. If you are not using Facebook’s targeting options, then you’re flushing money down the drain.

Facebook even allows you to create a Custom Audience by exporting your prospect or customer email list to Facebook. It will then match the email addresses with current Facebook user so you can serve ads to only those people.

Facebook is a very powerful advertising medium when used right.   If you get it wrong or violate any of these rules, I guarantee your experience with Facebook will be an expensive, frustrating experience.


Note: Again…for those of you looking for an actual USEFUL purpose for Facebook, then I’d suggest you click here now and watch this presentation Kim Walsh-Phillips just did called “How to Convert Facebook Traffic Into Cash-Paying Customers, Clients or Patients” now.


Dan Kennedy is internationally recognized as the 'Millionaire Maker,' helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. Dan's "No B.S." approach is refreshing amidst a world of small business marketing hype and enriches those who act on his advice. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to www.GKIC.com

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  1. Can’t wait to hear what Kim has to say today!~

  2. craig sangster says:

    Hoping some outsourcing solutions for ad creation will be mentioned. I want to market and sell my services not get bogged down with fulfilling.

  3. Aduspenny says:

    This is really powerful information and it’s pregnanted with a lot of facts.

  4. Felix Torres says:


    Facebook is simply too valuable an opportunity at this time to let it fall by the way side in your online marketing arsenal.

    I’m also looking forward to today’s webinar with Kim, as one is always learning and refining their trade. :)

    Best Wishes,


  5. Lee Cusano says:

    Being specific in your “lead magnet” ad copy is just what I was reading the other night in Claude Hopkin’s “Scientific Advertising” about headlines. Thanks for the great advice already, Dan.

    I like what you say about “neglecting FaceBook as another powerful medium at your own peril”.

    Also, on the CBS News this morning (Thurs. Mar. 19th,) they were talking about how mail order catalogs are becoming popular again compared to online catalog type websites. It reminded me right away about how you have always taught that mail order is still the BEST advertising medium. I bet there are big catalog mailers now using FaceBook to pump up the volume.

  6. Great article all round but as with all Advertising facebbook is best for attracting and building trust with New customers ouside of your existing list.
    Building trust is measurable by putting out posts that people fi d of value and they SHARE hence providing you with a Viral factor fot attracting even more customers. Key here is that all people have friends. These friends are more often than not of simmilar likes and interests hence you build your ideal target market.

  7. Mr Kennedy should have the “Right Honourable”
    ahead of his name, because he could run a country.
    Very pleased to see his name among the e-mails.


  8. Dan K. proves two things with this post (once again):

    1) Learning direct-response copywriting gives ANYONE a solid marketing common sense foundation (regardless if you’re a professional copywriter or not). Some of my best salesmanship self-education came from Dan & John Carlton.

    2) A lesson is a lesson, is a lesson, is a lesson, etc. No matter how many shiny new bows people use to wrap up the latest marketing trends, if you don’t know how to sell yourself…you’re toast, dude.

  9. Marie Jones says:

    When it comes to attracting your ideal customers, i think Rule #3 can be very handy. You should target ideal customer, client or patient with your lead generation magnet even in Facebook.

  10. […] “Chances are if you’re not using Facebook to find, engage, and monetize, monetize being the operative word, your ideal customer or clients then your competitors are”………says Facebook Monetization expert, Kim Walsh-Phillips. […]

  11. Dan,

    Great tips and I thank you for sharing them. I’m new to the site but if everything you present is as good as this post I will take time out of my busy schedule everyday to read at least 2 post until I have read them all.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post, educate us and lead us toward the successes we all dream of.

    “The Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription Mastermind”

  12. Smartlinks says:

    Facebook is the one of the best social media and that is the best way to increase our business

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    *WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. 😉 ?

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