Why Top Producers Earn 10x More Than Their Competitors

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 14th, 2016 5 Comments

Recently, my friend Brian Tracy told me he now knows exactly why top producers earn 10X more than the average person.  He actually put together a full report on that which you can get here.

Here’s how this all came about…

Brian said, “Our research shows that top producers continue to make 80% of the all the income and sell 10X more than their peers and competition…even in this economy!”

Knowing this alone doesn’t do much good, but knowing why this happens is EXTREMELY valuable.

Brian Tracy has studied success his whole life. He’s an “old dog” like me and one of the great thinkers of our time, able convert facts, observation and his and others’ experience into PRINCIPLES that predictably and reliably define success or failure.

He’s read everything ever written on success…or darn near everything anyway. He’s done extensive studying and research on the subject—working with, observing, and training millions of entrepreneurs and sales people in more than 60 countries.

Brian found, like I’ve discussed recently, that sales tactics which once worked are no longer working. The economy is a mess which means prospects are sitting on their wallets and doing everything they can to not spend money. It’s a competitive market out there and many people are losing sales—even with a good offer, match of needs, right target, “fits their budget,” and so on.  BUT, top producers don’t seem to be affected by ANY of this.

So to get this answer to what the top 10% did differently in order to earn 80% of the income, over the last several years, Brian and his staff analyzed over 10,000 hours of sales calls.

The tapes contained a wide range of sales calls in different businesses and every type of situation—everything from million dollar deals…to complete bombs…to unbelievable turnarounds where the sales person was able to get an entirely skeptical lead to make a purchase.

After carefully looking at the research, Brian did what he does best—he “reverse-engineered”—what top performers do.

Three reasons Brian gives about why people are struggling more with sales than ever before:

  1. Your prospects have unbelievable access.  All they have to do is whip out their smart phone to access information about your prices, product, service, reputation—as well as your competition’s prices, product, service and reputation.You must not only be aware of this, but adapt to it and avoid being a commodity.
  2. There is a fear of spending. Companies and consumers are gun-shy about spending. (Tweet this!) Retirement funds have been wiped out. Higher taxes, forced healthcare, and extra expenses associated with doing business has been hoisted on businesses. The economy isn’t getting any better. These factors contribute to ultra-conservative spending. It doesn’t mean people aren’t spending—they are—but they are careful about where they spend their money and who they spend it with.There is no room for sloppiness and average or below average sales people in this climate. Fortunately sales is a skill that can be learned and mastered. Those that learn the skill will join the top 10% who are earning 80% of the money. Those that don’t will reside in the land of struggle and uncertainty.
  3. Competition comes from all over. Technology has made the world smaller. That means you aren’t just competing with companies that offer similar products and services in your town, but you could be competing with a company from across the world.

It’s important to note that the average person struggles with these. But NOT the top producers. They have no trouble outselling everyone else because they have paid close attention to these and adapted their sales game to address these sales realities occurring in the marketplace right now.  Get your own copy of Brian’s report for FREE now.  Click here.

What about you?

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5 Responses

  1. David Hunter says:

    Like I always say… Follow the herd and you’ll be slaughtered with the herd.

    Life’s too short to be average!

    • Corey Zeimen says:

      Like Dan says, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing or get everyone else’s results. 20% make all the money as there doing what no one else is willing to do / spend to make what they do work.

  2. Paul says:

    It’s very uplifting when people like Dan and Brian keep abreast of what going on in the business world and recognised what and what isn’t working.

    Sure save a lot of time with trial and error!

    • utak saviour says:

      It is an exciting,refreshing and time Booms for as sales magnet,adaptation is inevitable in the present economic situation

  3. Mohammed says:

    Brian Tracy is a Legend, I love his stuff and have learnt so much from him, Brians only problem is he’s priced his products too low.

    For example you can go on audible and get pretty much any of Brian’s audio programs for £7 whilst the same program sells on other websites such as Nightingale for much more. Dan if you have a moment teach Brian about pricing strategy and perceived value when it comes to information products, and hows hes on the wrong end of proicing for most of his products.

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