Three Ways To Grow Your Business…Effortlessly

By: Darcy Juarez on: May 14th, 2013 6 Comments

“What’s your fascination advantage?”

That’s the big question around the office these days…

You see, attendees at SuperConference were offered the opportunity to take the first science-based personality brand measurement test that measures your “fascination advantage.”

The benefit of taking the test was to learn how you could use what comes naturally to you more effectively…and effortlessly grow your business.

Those of us who took it received a report which shows how our personality is uniquely hardwired to fascinate customers, co-workers, and colleagues.

Everyone here at GKIC took it (even Dan Kennedy.) And now that we have the results, we are working on how we can use more of our “fascination advantages” to be more effective at what we do.

Developed by Sally Hogshead, the best-selling author of Fascinate and the world’s leading expert on fascination, what makes this test different than other personality tests you’ve seen (and perhaps taken) is that instead of measuring how you see the world, this test measures how the world sees you.

Because as Sally points out, your personality is not only what makes you unique and different, but it’s how you add value. Or I should say how you potentially add value. Because if you aren’t using the things people see as strengths in you, you could be hindering your chances of success.

This is an important point.

And while I’ve learned through trial and error to gravitate towards using my strengths, from reading my report, I realized there were areas I wasn’t capitalizing on.

In order to help explain, I’ll use my own report to demonstrate.

When I took the test, I discovered that I’m the personality archetype called “The Vault.”

This means that one of the ways my personality is most likely to add a distinct value is by consistently delivering and being constant in my words and actions.  In other words, I need to be stable, dependable, and reliable.

Now that tends to feel pretty natural to me, however, not everything was so obvious.  Here are three things I learned that will help you grow your business effortlessly…

1) Don’t make the wrong assumptions. One of the things my report revealed was that I watch and review details carefully. Suggesting that I like to use spreadsheets, I thought the test was mistaken, because actually I hate using them.

Of course, despite my dislike for them, I do use them quite a bit. And when I started thinking about how this test reveals how the world sees me and not how I see myself, it made sense.

While I don’t like spreadsheets, others are fascinated by how I use them to successfully manage details.  Which means I can add more value to our clients by revealing more of how I use spread sheets successfully.

Lesson learned:  Don’t assume that others won’t like what you don’t like or that they will like what you like.

2) Stop hindering your own success.  The problem with modeling certain gurus is that you may be trying to be something you’re not. As a result, you might be turning people off.

For example, my report revealed that “passion” is my “dormant communication trigger.” That means that while I feel passionately about certain people and topics, I don’t gush the way people do that have passion as their primary way of communicating. I’m not highly expressive and tend to be more reserved.

So if I tried to mimic someone who had the primary trigger of passion and excessively raved and praised ideas and people, then I would come across as fake.

3) Start using your personality brand to your advantage when managing your team. My report also revealed how I could get the most out of my team by knowing what their fascination advantages were. (Step four of Sally Hogshead’s five step system for amplifying your fascination advantage as exposed in our blog post, “Yes, You’re Fascinating, But Are You Using It To Your Advantage?)

By discovering what my team members’ strengths are, I can help place them in roles where they will be most successful. A person who has the primary trait of “passion” for instance will do better in face-to-face conversations and will perform better if I give her more face time and in-person contact.

This will also help me make better hiring decisions, know how to motivate my employees better and build a better culture which will help grow GKIC over time.

If you want to grow your business more effortlessly, discover how to add value through your personality and start leveraging your fascination advantages today. When you do, you’ll not only feel more comfortable and natural in everything you do, but your business will grow faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

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6 Responses

  1. Jorge says:

    I also took the test, it was a lot of fun, thank you!

  2. Marion Lynn Connell says:

    Saw it. liked it despite the contant stopping and going. Tried to take the test, but couldn’t get to thepage even though I filled out the form carefully, 3 times.

  3. Thanks for this – I took the test and must say it seems accurate. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself

  4. Mike Searles says:

    I’m curious too.

    As part of a team of Pharma Sales Reps back in the ’80s I took a test to see how others perceived my strengths and weaknesses as a communicator.

    I had to also rate myself based on my self-beliefs as a sales communicator.

    The same differences between how others saw us compared to how we viewed ourselves became evident.

    I especially love the ‘fascination factor’ theme.

    Thanks for setting up the free sample with Sally Hogshead.

    I’m on the list for the download.

  5. John Lively (gold member) says:

    I took the test & the results alone were very enlightening! I have read
    “Fascinate”, but these results brought ‘application’ to me. I now understand why I wrote all my direct mail copy the way I did. It’s like opening up your mind, looking inside & seeing what’s really in there.
    This understanding gives me a huge advantage in marketing. Thanks,
    Dan & Sally!

  6. A friend of mine mentioned that Dan Kennedy had written something about business archetypes, that that each one had a strength and several business activities to avoid.
    Do you have a link to the book or article where he wrote about these biz archetypes?

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