Nothing Can Help You Sell More, Sell More Efficiently And Sell Faster Than This

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 7th, 2014 10 Comments

When it all comes together, there’s no more efficient way to make money than with One-To-Many selling.

For one of my clients, I took a one-to-one selling model that is almost a religion in their industry, replaced it with a one-to-many group meeting strategy.

This new one-to-many strategy produced $12-million in front-end revenue plus over $20-million of annualized back-end revenue in one fourth the time ordinarily required.

Adding or converting to one-to-many selling can be at the core of a great deal of success for you too.

However, it’s important to understand that there are a lot of things you can do in one-to-one selling that you cannot get away with when you are selling to a group.

That’s because in one-to-one selling, you have a captive audience. People generally don’t want to come off as being rude so they will rarely get up and leave in the middle of your one-to-one presentation.

But in group selling, a person can get up and walk out of the room. They can mentally tune out.

If online, they can click away from your presentation and go elsewhere.

Or if you mail them a DVD, they can turn it off.

You have to be really sensitive that you can lose your audience in group selling. (Tweet this!)

Which is why it’s a bit surprising to me that there’s a lot of SLOPPINESS, HASTE & WASTE in the way most people approach their one-to-many opportunities and efforts.

Some even forego script-writing entirely and arrogantly and foolishly leap on stage or in front of a camera or microphone and “wing it.”

Monumentally S-T-U-P-I-D.

No other theatrical performance occurs this way. No other professional performer works this way. A Broadway play or a movie is planned, scripted, re-written, focus group tested, storyboarded, and rehearsed.

Professional comedians from Steven Wright to Seinfeld to Louie C.K. go to small clubs to try out and fine-tune new material before building it into a monologue or HBO Special. The late Joan Rivers who had been doing comedy for years also did it this way.

There is a science to crafting ANY and EVERY kind of presentation for intended effect. SALES presentations delivered One-To-Many in person or through media are sensitive. You need not risk guesswork. There are well-tested, well-proven structures and methods that yield top results.

That said, here are 5 ways you can use well-crafted one-to-many sales presentations to increase your profits:

#1: If you now have unconverted leads: this can convert more of them, thus lowering your waste, making each lead more valuable and allowing you to out-spend competitors or expand your reach in lead generation, to grow faster with the same capital and lead flow.

#2: If you have one on one sales appointments and close fewer than 60% face to face or have a salesforce of 1, 10 or 100 doing so: this can extract value from the “appointment, no sale” prospects thought to be valueless.

#3: If you have opportunities to acquire customers through affiliates, joint venture partners, hosts, or speaking at others events or your own road shows: this can leverage these activities, secure more affiliate and partner cooperation (as you put more money in their pockets) and maybe even make powerful strategies possible that are currently thought to be impractical.

#4: If you want to automate part or all of your selling: You can automate with on-demand or scheduled pre-recorded webinars to which you drive traffic. This can give you the highest performing webinar possible-so you can bid more for traffic and get more from serious sources.

#5: If you have a local professional practice such as healthcare or financial services: this can be the basis for in office group-selling events that leverage your existent patient/client base and create referrals as never before. In fact, I guarantee you can add $20,000 to $100,000 to monthly income in just hours.

I routinely see this make 6-figure differences to small businesses, and 7-figure contributions to larger businesses. NOTHING CAN HELP YOU SELL MORE, SELL MORE EFFICIENTLY AND SELL FASTER than the right application of a well-crafted One-To-Many presentation.

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10 Responses

  1. David Hunter says:

    Key point in this post… write out a script!

    Not just one-for-many selling, but also for one-to-one selling.

    Heck, I have an outline, questions, etc. written out before taking consulting calls.

    • Mike Roach says:

      Dan Kennedy do you know if James Tolleson and the Doers Club are still active. Was listening to some mid-eighties info on ‘what’s holding me back’ talk. Very curious. Please respond thank you, Mike Roach.

    • bill says:

      totally true! No doubt about it!

  2. Bruce Shaw says:

    It seems as though you are not including selling in print when you talk about one to many selling. So can I safely conclude that one to many “presentations” work better than, say, direct mail designed to close the sale?

    I’m also bearing in mind that in your No B.S Direct Marketing for Non Direct Marketing Businesses, or maybe its Marketing to the Affluent, but in one of the two, you said more wealth has been made by marketing to mailing lists. So in many of those cases, is the sale closed through a mail piece of some sort or is the mail designed to get people to a one to many presentation? Great info by the way.

  3. Rick Snow says:

    Not just write a script, but practice, practice, practice.

  4. carmike says:

    What does one to many mean? Does it mean publishing on the internet?

    • Mike Stodola Mike Stodola says:

      One to Many means any time you’re not selling one on one. Could be from stage, or a webinar as a few options. Hope that helps.

    • David Hunter says:

      Hi Carmike,

      Selling one-to-many could mean publishing on the internet, since you can reach a huge audience.

      But what it really means is selling to more than one person at a time. Like seminars. You could have a room of 10 people or a room of 1,000 people. You are now selling one-to-many.

      Via online… you could host a webinar and sell your info-products to many people at once.

      • Carmike says:

        Got it. Good team work guys. Thanks.

  5. John Reeves says:

    Interested for my Real Estate Business

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