It’s All About the SALE

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 24th, 2015 2 Comments

When it comes to the task of selling, many miss the mark on what’s truly job #1.

To do this is to court disaster.

A key foundational element is absolute clarity on what your job is if you are engaged in selling. Most people are not really clear about what that job is. Here are some examples of the ways in which they’re not clear about the ultimate goal of selling.

FIRST: Having Moral Ambiguity About Selling

Some sales people feel that their right to sell and to close is limited. Somehow they are morally limited, and they should only push this person so far and not push as far as they might be able to push. They have ambiguity about how much they deserve to make from selling, and how far they can push.

I actually had a salesman who worked for me years ago and he had it in his head that he was a $48,000 a year guy. That’s what was in his head. His dad had never made more than $48,000. And a ceiling of $48,000 was in his head, too. He was a $48,000 a year guy. Period.

And if it was the 31st of the month and he hadn’t sold anything to make $4,000 by midnight on the last day of the month, he would manage to sell just enough to make that $4,000.

If he sold something on the first day of the month and made $4,000, what happened in his life in the ensuing 29 or 30 days to prevent him from making another sale was unimaginable. Car problems. Family issues. Acts of God. You name it.

So there’s a lot of that kind of stuff going on in people’s heads. If you want to succeed and move on to the next level, you must get past this kind of negative thinking.

SECOND: Having Mixed Agendas About Selling

Willie Loman was the main character in “Death of Salesman.” The Curse of Willie Loman describes people who have mixed agendas when they’re in a selling situation. And this mixed agenda gets in the way of making sales.

Some sales people want to be liked and they are afraid of doing things that will cause others to dislike them – like pushing them hard to buy.

Some carry a sense of entitlement, as in “I shouldn’t have to sell – it should sell itself.”

Some even hold false beliefs about customers. “I’ll present all the information and you should have a right to make a decision about whether or not you’re going to buy.”

The REAL Number #1 Job Of Selling

These people don’t understand what the job of selling is. The #1 job of selling is to MAKE A SALE. That’s what the job of selling is. Period. End of story. No disclaimers required.

The main purpose of any media deployed is to make a sale. A sales media can be anything from a television spot to a website to a billboard to a sandwich board. Its job is to make a sale.

Its job is not to respect the customer’s right to make their own opinion. That’s not in the job description. And you can’t cash a check for that.

So you cannot march into your sales manager’s office and say, “I didn’t sell anything this week. But I was really respectful of everybody’s right to analyze information and come to their own conclusions about whether or not they should buy. So write me out a check.”

That’s not how sales people get paid. Sales people get paid for one thing and one thing only – making a sale. That’s our job, however we’re doing it, and in whatever environment we’re doing it. Ethically. Honestly. All that of course. But MAKE THE SALE.

One of the things I heard very early in my life was a quote by Zig Ziglar. This goes back to when he was a hardcore sales trainer. He was in the pots and pans business, going house to house selling $800 sets of pots and pans in the 1960s. (By the way there were $800 vacuum cleaners in the 1960s, as well as $800 sets of encyclopedias.)

So Zig’s quote was, “I’ve got their pots out in my car. They have my money in their kitchen drawer and I ain’t leaving until I make the exchange.”

Zig was very clear about this. That’s clarity about the #1 job of selling. Make the SALE. Period.

Whenever you’re in a sales situation you need to have this attitude: “That’s MY money in YOUR pocket. The minute the sales event started, however it started, I came into your room, you came into my room, you came to my television show, you came on my call – at that moment, your money became my money. Now it’s my job not to let you steal it from me by not buying.”

That’s where you need to be at because the absolute number one job of selling is about doing this.

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2 Responses

  1. Robert ghiringhelli says:

    Gentlemen… I feel duped… I do not mind being pitched… But everything you do is a pitch… Where is the value… ?… In seeing me something… ?… You represent as a forum with options… Instead…I feel you are a sales outlet… Using a forum shell to sell… Too many of those around… Take a look at your program…and programming… If you want to prevent value… Do it first…sell later… Sorry.. But it is what it is!

  2. David Hunter says:

    Bahahaha, love it!!! I’m going to think about that every time I talk to someone… “That’s my money in your pocket!!!” haha

    One thing I see wrong is people are afraid to be themselves… which I guess goes hand-in-hand with being liked/disliked. I used to worry about what people think of me and had to put on an act. But, over the past couple years I’ve just been me… David Hunter. Makes life a lot easier and people actually like people who are themselves, even if they don’t agree with you.

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