The Power Of The Right Message

By: Dan Kennedy on: December 3rd, 2015 10 Comments

Genius is sometimes defined as the ability to make the complex simple. Certainly, “marketing” is a complex subject; so complex, it’s very difficult for many business people to ever get a handle on it. Its complexity is intimidating.

After years in “marketing,” I’ve finally found a definition that reflects the genius of simplicity.

MARKETING is simply making the right presentation of the right message to the right people.

With that simple definition as a guide, just about every businessperson can clearly see his past errors, and do a more effective job of marketing in the future.

The sad reality, however, is that most small businesses are out there with no message at all.

The fellow opens a restaurant or he opens a print shop or he opens a florist shop, name the type of business, and typically he spends a lot of time and energy worrying about what it looks like inside (which obviously nobody sees if we don’t get them there in the first place).

He worries about his sign and his name.

Then he opens the door and he waits for the customers to come in.

He hasn’t thought about what he’s going to communicate to the marketplace about who he is, what he is, what’s he’s all about that should make people want to do business with him.

A marketing message is a way of concisely and clearly saying to the right market, “here’s what I’m all about, and here’s why you should choose me.”

So, every business has to back up and start with, “What am I going to say to the marketplace? Why is what I say going to be interesting and appealing to the marketplace?”

Fortunes have been built purely on the strength of great marketing messages and tremendous turnarounds in businesses have taken place as a result of great marketing messages.

I’ve long told the tale of Dominos Pizza – who build an empire off the simple message of “Hot, Fresh Pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less – Guaranteed.”

Coming up with your own unique and powerfully compelling message is mandatory to success – and I do recognize that it can be a challenge.

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10 Responses

  1. Jim Ackerman says:

    I can go you one simpler, Dan. Marketing is… BUYING CUSTOMERS

    • Morrison says:

      Speaking of simplicity, can’t remember who David Ogilvy quoted when he said, “Marketing is Objectivity”.

      Beat that! :)

      But I suppose that definition lacks specificity and perhaps, therefore, simplicity.

  2. Thank you, Dan–you inspire me! I agree that the “golden triangle” of market, message and media is a great start as a definition, but I don’t think it paints the whole picture of the marketing process, especially for small business owners who are not marketers like we are. May I share the definition I developed that really helps my client truly get the whole marketing process? “Marketing is the exact art and subtle science of attracting, acquiring, and retaining great clients profitably.” ~Veronika Noize. I’ve even developed my own “4 Ps of Marketing”: The PURPOSE of marketing is revenue and profit. The PROCESS of marketing is relationships. The PRACTICE of marketing focuses on market, message, and media. The PATH of marketing is: know, like, trust, try, buy, refer.

  3. Mike Stafford says:

    Dan, Your article could easily lead the unknowing to believe that you have just created a definition for Marketing.
    The Chartered Institute of Marketing created a definition many many years ago -long before I qualified as a Chartered Marketer. This is:
    ” Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably” .
    The definition embraces all marketing activity from market research, product research, marketing research, economic research, product design, and the four P’s. Price, Product, Place and Promotion.
    Promotion of course includes advertising and presentations. Your definition appears to disregard all but the presentation.
    I would concede that presenting is the most potent element of promotion, but promotion is only one element of marketing. IMHO.

  4. Morrison says:

    Thanks for taking us back to the fundamentals Dan. The right “Presentation”? That’s food for thought for me. I also like Veronika Noize’s PATH of marketing. Even the comments section of this blog can make me rich. Hehehe.

  5. David Hunter says:

    The good ‘ole Marketing Triangle!

    I love how you’ve turned it into the definition for marketing. :-)

  6. Marie Jones says:

    If you create a marketing message that taps into the essence of what your customers want to buy, you are surely going to increase the sales. You can know the power of the message when you create an effective core message that
    can communicate the benefits customers will enjoy when they buy from you. It can capture the interest of the customer.

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