How To Build The Ultimate Marketing Calendar Using These 4 Strategies

By: Dave Dee on: May 21st, 2015 3 Comments

Would you like a steady stream of new customers, clients or patients predictably and reliably coming into your business, or website?

Are you tired of the income roller-coaster that most small businesses face?

Would you like to be able to generate a rush of traffic to your store or site on demand whenever you want?

Obviously the answer to these three questions is “yes” but the problem most business owners face is that they don’t know how to do this.

The answer to this problem is creating a marketing calendar and knowing exactly WHAT to send and WHEN to send it.

Today I’ll give you the six strategies you need to put in place (the WHAT) and show you exactly how to schedule these into your already busy day (the WHEN.)

Strategy #1: Over-sized Postcard promotion tied to a specific holiday or timely event sent out the first week of every month.


Can you imagine getting a letter sized postcard in the mail and missing that?  It’s nearly impossible!

The key is to make sure you have an attention getting image on it and then make sure to follow the direct response principals on the text side of the card with an offer that includes a deadline with clear instructions on how to respond!

Strategy #2: Send a “Nuggets” Postcard the second week of every month.


This should tie into the offer and provide a little bit of fun.  Remember to include a reminder about that months offer and a call to action!

Strategy #3: Send an Email Newsletter that ties into a timely event every month

The import thing here is to have fun and provide value BUT don’t skimp out on the call to action.  The format I like to follow is to have a few quotes at the top of the page that are inspirational, seasonal and fun.

Then I include a story or a joke in order to get the reader engaged.

Third I add value by giving timely advice.  For instance in January you might have an article about keep New Years Resolutions.

Finally before signing off I remind them about the postcard campaign they’ve seen, the offer and the deadline and give them a click-able link  and phone number asking for a response.

Strategy #4: Referral emails to new customers, clients and patients every week for four weeks after the first visit.

For a retailer it could look something like the example below


SUBJECT: Get [insert referral bonus] today…

Hi [Client Name],

Thanks for shopping with [insert store name].

We’d love for you to introduce your friends to [store name], so here’s a discount coupon for you to use.

Simply forward this email or share the link below on your favorite forum, blog, or social media site to give your friends [coupon offer].

In appreciation, you’ll also get [insert referral bonus] when they make a purchase.

To activate this coupon, ask your friends to start shopping using the link [insert link] and to use the discount code that’s displayed when they make their purchases.

Remember, this discount expires on [insert deadline date] so take action today!


————————- End Of Email

REMEMBER a referral bonus should be a BIG bonus…not something generic everyone gives away.  For instance if you’re a restaurant don’t give a “Free appetizer with Entree Purchase.”  Everyone does that.  Instead just give a FREE APPETIZER…no strings attached.

Chances are the people will by drinks and lunch or dinner anyway but your offer will be perceived differently.  Instead of people thinking of it as a coupon or discount…they’ll treat it like cash because it doesn’t have stipulations or strings attached to the offer.

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  1. Drew says:

    Thanks Dave – excellent strategies.

    This has come just in time for me. I started a marketing calendar for my business a couple of months ago after realizing how important it would be moving forward. But I kind of ‘stumbled around in the dark’ wondering exactly when to schedule promotions other than the obvious holidays and seasonal shifts.

    To be honest, I actually put it on the back burner with that silly and not very profitable thought… “maybe my business is different.” I know that thought is false but I used it as an excuse to avoid following-through to get the beautiful, profit pulling marketing calendar done and start implementing.

    I’ll be there next Thursday.

    Thanks again!

  2. Marie Jones says:

    You can make this case to help improve your business. The real thing matters is how you put in action these strategies.

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