Why Your Visitors Don’t Turn Into Customers and What You Can Do About It

By: Brian Horn on: November 24th, 2010 9 Comments

Successful Internet businesses know the value of actual conversions versus total hits received. Too often, online businesses are obsessed with the amount of hits they generate rather than the hit to sale conversion rate. This focus is misguided because it ignores the issue of abandonment.

“Abandonment” is a term with a unique meaning for Internet marketers. It refers to reasons why users abandon a website before fulfilling the action the website owner desires–most often buying a product or making an enquiry.

There are many gorgeous sites on the web with one of a kind innovations. Unfortunately, many of these websites fail to turn a profit or unknowingly limit their profit-earning potential. Website owners should focus on one fundamental thing when constructing a website: turning visitors into customers. To prevent abandonment, focus on the following:

  1. Your website must load quickly to accommodate customers still utilizing 56k dialup modems.
  2. Design your website with ease of use in mind. Don’t opt for aesthetic appearances at the expense of usability.
  3. Advertisements should click directly through to the specific items the visitor is searching for and not to the website homepage.
  4. Keep each website page relatively short to improve load times.
  5. Eliminate information not germane to the service or product.
  6. Remove atmospheric elements like music and flash animation to hasten load times.
  7. Ease the newsletter signup process, or visitors will not participate.
  8. Require customers to input minimum information to make their purchase.
  9. Issue newsletters in HTML and text, as many email systems don’t accept HTML.
  10. Compress images for faster loading.
  11. Include AOL friendly equivalents for all links and emails.
  12. Incorporate automatic text wraps at 60 spaces for all emails to prevent the recipient from receiving disjointed text or codes.
  13. Respond to email communications within 24 hours.
  14. Respond to after hour email communications first thing in the morning.
  15. Issue automated emails to customers the moment an order is shipped.

Incorporate these 15 fundamental points into your website and view site construction and advertising from the customer’s point of view. Always ask yourself, “How can I make this experience easier for the customer?” By emphasizing this approach, you will stop wasting your advertising dollars.


Brian Horn, of HornDog Search Marketing, is recognized by many as the "Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon", because of his role in helping not only Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer with search engine optimization and social media, but also many of the top Information Marketers in the world. Brian shares SEO tips for small businesses over at at his blog, BeOnPage1Blog.com.

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  1. Ray Higdon says:

    Great information Dan, must read for marketers everywhere!

  2. Ray Higdon says:

    Oops, Sorry, I mean Brian!

  3. Karen says:

    Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Glazer,
    I’d love to start by saying, Thank You for the things you have taught me, already, and you have both, made so much sense to me. I am thankful to have met you or sort of, met you, and I also wish You and Yours, a Happy Thanksgiving, for Mara and Nate, too. Nate, I look forward to working with you, in the near future…:) God Bless,

  4. Haven’t seen the good ole 3-click rule mentioned on the list (kind of expecting to see it here). What do you think of the rule that essentially says “unless the end user can find what he/she is looking for within 3 clicks, don’t expect great conversion”?

  5. Ron says:

    I have tried many different search engine strategists to seo my business sites and have found these people to be so aloof and even irresponsible. They talk the talk but seldom walk the walk. Can you suggest a way to meet someone who can actually get my site on the first page of Google without spending a fortune?

  6. Miriam Tress says:

    One basket of grapes does not make a vintage. – Italian Proverb

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  9. Barie says:

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