The Most Powerful Form of Security…It’s Available To You Right Now.

By: Darcy Juarez on: July 6th, 2014 3 Comments

Lately, I’ve noticed this weird thing.  Every place I go, I hear American recording artist John Mayer singing one of his songs.

At Starbucks—he’s singing “Love Song For No One.” Having dinner in a restaurant and there he is singing “Your Body Is A Wonderland.” Walking through the grocery store, “Daughters” comes on. Out shopping and suddenly “Waiting For The World To Change” fills up the mall. In the doctor’s office and “Say” is softly playing in the waiting room.

Is it just a weird string of coincidences?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I challenge you to notice how often you hear him and how quickly one of his songs comes up on whoever’s playlist.

If John Mayer is played as much as I think he is, what it means to him in a word is “security.” The guy writes a song and he not only has a list of fans a mile long that instantly buy it, but he also has a list of businesses ready to pay him royalties.

In fact, based on my unofficial “research” he has conditioned these businesses to purchase his new songs as they come out.

So if John Mayer wants to buy his next vintage watch to add to his $5 million dollar watch collection, all he needs to do is write a song and his list of buyers will snatch it up and instantly provide him with the funds he needs to buy it.

John has created what Dan Kennedy says is “the most powerful form of security” there is: the “income at will” position.

This position basically allows you to “send the bill to the herd” for whenever you want and then have them respond.

Now you and I may not have the ability to write a hit song like John Mayer or direct a blockbuster film like Steven Spielberg, but we can put ourselves in the position to create “income at will”.

We can round up a herd of customers who we have carefully targeted. We can put a fence around that herd by taking care of them and nurturing a relationship with them through carefully crafted messages. And through proper conditioning, whenever we want to pay for something, say a new car or a vacation, our herd is ready to receive and respond to that message.

The problem is that having a herd is only one part of the equation.

Let me give you an example.

A very successful restaurant can have a top-notch chef. It can have a great menu. Great staff. And even be known to pack the place out on occasion.  The restaurant (if they are smart) may even have a list of customers.

But if the restaurant owner hasn’t built a relationship with his customers and hasn’t trained these customers to respond to his offers, then he doesn’t have security. All he has is hope.

So if you can’t reliably predict how many people will come to your place of business each week…if you don’t know how much they will spend or when they will come in…if you can’t make them show up in bigger numbers than they would on their own and spend more money with you…then you are operating your business on HOPE.

You hope they come in. You hope more show up this week than last week. You hope they spend more than usual so you can go buy whatever it is you want or need.

So if you want to stop operating on hope and create true security, then put a system in place to build your customer relationships and train them to respond to your offers.

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  2. David Hunter says:

    It sure is amazing… create a name for your self and everyone wants in!

    Look at Donald Trump. People pay him millions to be able to slap “Trump” on their buildings. But, it’s smart because the buildings automatically increase in value (and whatever is in side) just because of the name.

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