Take Advantage of Google’s Secret Tool

By: Brian Horn on: June 23rd, 2010 33 Comments

Not really a secret…but, unless you are search geek like me, you probably never heard of Google’s Wonder Wheel. Its a pretty cool tool that has advantages for us marketers looking for a better collection of keywords to optimize our websites.

Let’s Give It a Test

Go to Google and enter a search term. In this example, I’ll use “scuba diving”. Type the phrase in the appropriate field. You’ll find 22 million results returned.

On the left side of the page you’ll see where you can click things like: Maps, Images, News, Blogs, etc.

Below that you’ll see “Any time”, then “All Results”. Below “All Results”, click on “More Search Tools”. Then click on “Wonder Wheel”.

You will see links that show what terms are being searched that are most closely associated to “scuba diving”.

How This Helps Small Business Marketers

If you are investing your time in online searches you know the value of Search Engine Optimization (obvi, right? :) ). These are the keywords and phrases used to promote your site to search engines. When you select a key phrase like “scuba diving” your site can get lost in the maze of other sites that have also chosen that key phrase.

By using Google’s Wonder Wheel you can begin to expand your keyword and phrase list to appeal to a more niche oriented, and motivated group of prospects.

Some of the related searches Google provided had to do with photos, certification, lessons, vacations and gear to name a few.

OK, these terms aren’t popular because this search engine says so – they are widespread because these are related terms that users are actually looking for. Is essence Google has delivered impressive free marketing research to you that can allow you to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Also, these terms are PERFECT for you to use in articles and blog posts. Google has just told us that these terms relate to our core term “scuba diving”. Take this clue from Google and use it to your advantage. So, if I had a blog about scuba diving, I would have sections on: scuba diving photos, scuba diving certification, scuba diving lessons, scuba diving vacations and scuba diving gear.

This is a tool that almost NO ONE uses. Take advantage of it.


Brian Horn, of HornDog Search Marketing, is recognized by many as the "Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon", because of his role in helping not only Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer with search engine optimization and social media, but also many of the top Information Marketers in the world. Brian shares SEO tips for small businesses over at at his blog, BeOnPage1Blog.com.

33 Responses

  1. chuck says:

    I’m reading more and more about the Wonder Wheel. I will be taking a good long look in the future. Thanks.

  2. Mike says:

    This IS very cool Brian so “organic” and “totally unsolicited” kudos to you oh great one for this pearl of wisdom.

  3. Great tool for expanding a new website. Using keywords people are actually using. Doesn’t get any better (or easier) than that.

  4. kathee says:

    You ARE cool Brian. Your information is even more cool! Awesome Tool – thanks for the info.

  5. Joe Wollenweber says:

    Simple tips like this are invaluable to neophyte SEOers like me who are just learning the chops. I’m amazed to learn about a new click that reveals so much information. Who would have known about the Wonder Wheel unless someone like Brian pointed it out. Thanks, Brian!

  6. Dallin says:

    Hey Brian remember the small people when you’re rich and famous ha ha. But seriously, nice article thanks for sharing!


  7. Jack Fisher says:

    anything to help us to be found is worth trying
    thanks for the info

  8. Ertan Fırat says:

    Great advice again

  9. Good post Brian…
    I’ve actually toyed around with the Wonder Wheel when I was introduced to it by Howie Schwartz but almost completely forgot about it until I saw this post. I’m gonna give it a whirl again for a new site I am developing as we speak:
    Fast Diets Reviews”

  10. The Google Wonder Wheel is an interesting tool to play around with since it shows the connections Google is making between different keywords.

    I have noticed that it can change significantly over time.

  11. Brian says:


    Glad everyone is enjoying this one. Great tool for kw research and determining categories on your blog.

  12. Janak says:


    I’ve used this tools since google launched it. It is very powerful tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs since it removes guess work and creating optimized content is now easy.

    Finally Google is sharing what it’s thinking! Great for SEO


  13. Kathy Gaster says:

    It’s nice to see another post about the Google Wonder Wheel from a fellow internet marketer. Information is so important so thanks for the post.

  14. Shirah Chante says:

    Good content headlines most definitely. Thanks, Brian. You always give good tips!

  15. very cool article! eye opening too!

  16. Hi Brian,

    The Wonder Wheel is a wonder as it will help with finding the othet catagories that people are searching for under our main area. As you said we could use that for other content to generate traffic that we might miss.

    Cool tool that I will have to experience more of. However, more folks are going to be using it since you brought it to light. LOL

  17. Rob Anspach says:

    I’m a big believer of more “spokes on a wheel” when it comes to marketing. The google wonder wheel increases those spokes and allows me more ways to attract clients.

  18. Jack Fisher says:

    I have already started using it.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news .

  19. Mark Turner says:

    The Wonder Wheel is a secret because, at least as I have Google configured, it doesn’t show up without clicking a couple of choices.

    What’s interesting is that if I enter a phrase under which I want to be found, “portrait photographer Bellingham” the associated keywords around the wheel include some of my competitors. Results are quite different if I leave off the city.

    I’m still very much trying to figure out what terms people are actually using to search for businesses like mine so I can optimize my pages and draw more visitors via search.


  20. Jerry Powers says:

    Brian – I had forgot about this tool. Thanks for bringing it back to mind for me.

    I used the Wonder Wheel to find some additional keyword phrases for my website and I did pull out about a dozen new keywords that Google Keyword Tool had not suggested. Out of those dozen or so keywords I found that 4 of them were good keywords that had traffic according to the Google Keyword Tool and didn’t have many webpages fully optimized for the keywords.

    Again, thanks! Now I have 4 more keywords that I can start dominating!

  21. Charles Ra says:

    great resource for keywords, articles and themes.
    thanks Brian

  22. Scott says:

    The wonder wheel is suggesting I use my competitors names. I’ll stay away from that so as not to lose my certification, but it got me thinking how to utilize it in other ways. Thanks Brian.

  23. Brian says:

    Yeah, Scott. Prob dont want to use your competitors names. With really niche things that pops up for sure. :)

  24. Thanks again Brian for another piece of terrific advice word an easy grand.

  25. Kevin Puls says:

    Brian, thanks again for such useful information.

    I had only heard of the “Wonder Wheel” one other time in the past.

    As a member of GKIC, and a small business consultant, I will be sure to use this tool more and more for my clients.

    Thanks Again!



  26. Kevin Puls says:

    Brian, thanks again for such useful information.

    I had only heard of the “Wonder Wheel” one other time in the past.

    As a member of GKIC, and a small business consultant, I will be sure to use this tool more and more for my clients.

    Thanks Again!



  27. OK, so I took awhile to come back and read this tip. But what a great tip! Thanks Brian, and thanks Carlos, for pointing this out. I’m working on an article right now, with a few new keywords to consider….

  28. […] Search engines look for informative, relevant content and this is where they will find it. There should be a few blog posts based around the general topic of the main product, or offer (use Google Wonder Wheel to find the perfect terms). […]

  29. Brian, when I check the wonder wheel the terms that come up are all the terms of other competition in my industry – other insurance agencies. How do you recommend getting on the wheel, when the other terms are your competitors?

  30. admin admin says:

    Get more granular. What term are you using?

  31. Great information.. i never used this google wheel before. Looks like i can start “scuba diving” now..:P

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