So, You’re On Page 1 of Google…Now What?

By: Brian Horn on: November 10th, 2010 4 Comments

I am always looking for ways to get search engines to placing my customers’ website on Page One of Google’s search results. And search algorithms are constantly being changed to thwart my efforts. :)

Thus I’m constantly devise new and better techniques.

But this is only half the battle…search bots aren’t buyers and no sale was ever made to a search spider. While search tricks may get your website listed high in search results, your human visitors will click away in an instant if your site has nothing to offer them.

There are three basic things you can offer your visitors: information, entertainment, and value.

Information is a classic foundation of successful internet marketing. Articles, ezines, and free reports help to establish your expertise in your niche and provide a way to obtain contact information for follow-up.

One of the classic tactics is the “two-step” method where you offer a free report or other sample of your information product by autoresponder. Once you have the prospect’s contact information (as well as confirmation that he is interested in your topic), you can follow up with targeted offers.

One classic type of information offers tips for using your product or service, helpful consumer information, or interesting background information, such as a food manufacturer offering coupons, recipes, or stories about family traditions featuring the manufacturer’s product.

Another form of information is the resource list, a compilation of helpful links within your targeted niche. The beauty of this treat is the fact that you can assemble links to great content without having to create it all yourself. And many visitors will bookmark a helpful research page to visit repeatedly.

Another way of fulfilling a visitor’s need is to provide entertainment. One of the reasons for the popularity of blogs is that they are up close and personal, and often funny. The best blogs provide a blend of fun and helpful information.

YouTube videos are another source of opportunity to go viral. Whether your video is strictly for fun, or an entertaining how-to, it can reach thousands of people in just a few hours.

Social networking is another way to combine entertainment with marketing. Twitter and Facebook offer opportunities to keep your name out there.

The third way to service your site visitor is to offer value. There are several ways to accomplish this. One obvious tactic is bargain pricing. Of course, this tactic requires a steady source of bargain-priced products.

Another way to provide value is to offer a more comprehensive selection than your competition. Again, this requires multiple reliable sources at reasonable prices.

Many marketers use the “bonus” approach, especially with digital information products.

Besides the main product, they include multiple bonus products, building loyalty and increasing the value of the package.

Finally, consider unique creative ways to increase perceived value. One mother on the block forgot to buy Halloween candy one year. As the trick-or-treaters approached, she had a flash of inspiration, and grabbed the family penny jar. Instead of candy, she tossed a handful of pennies into the children’s goody bags. One child shouted “Hey! They’re giving MONEY here!” and dozens of children came running. Despite the fact that a few pennies were probably worth less than the candy bars the neighbors were giving, the children perceived money as being worth more than candy.

Perceived value will keep your human visitors coming back for more of the treats you have to offer them. When you offer plenty of quality content for human visitors, the search bots will notice and rank your page accordingly. And it’s the human visitors that enter their credit card numbers to buy what you have to offer.


Brian Horn, of HornDog Search Marketing, is recognized by many as the "Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon", because of his role in helping not only Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer with search engine optimization and social media, but also many of the top Information Marketers in the world. Brian shares SEO tips for small businesses over at at his blog,

4 Responses

  1. Just like you have done above, Brian. You have provided us, the readers, a treasure trove of valuable information and insight that is actionable… making reading your posts a can’t miss event.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Love this article! I am no. 1 on Google for a 3 word, competitive keywords and have made less this year then when I was no. 12 (but my sales page rocked then!). I will re-work my page with your tips in mind!

  3. Paul Serwin says:

    It’s important that your website content stays fresh as well. It’s important to give your audience a reason to return, to allow you to keep building that relationship with your clients.

    Very good article, as always, Brian. Keep it up!

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