Leaving Comments Can Make You Famous and Get You More Business

By: Brian Horn on: January 13th, 2010 136 Comments

I know that many of you readers come here, read what you want, make use of the information you want and go about your day without ever leaving a comment.

One of the main benefits of a blog is the ability to start a conversation directly with me, Dan, Bill, Mara, Russell Brunson, Jim Palmer, Mike Capuzzi, Robert Skrob…or any of the other authors…and even the other readers.

So, if you have been a silent reader of this blog and want to know the benefits of leaving comments, let me give you some tips on why you should be doing it.

1. You’re Alerting The Author (and Dan & Bill) to Who You Are.

If you regularly leave comments on this blog, we will start to recognize your name. Don’t forget the  hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs who read it daily. They will start to recognize you also.

If you leave some really interesting comments, we may even ask you to “guest blog” some day.

2. You’re Helping to Build a Community.

This community is built around us small business owners and our views. Leaving comments is a way of showing that you care and want to share your opinion with others, including Dan and Bill. The comments can be a suggestion, feedback, appreciation or even constructive criticism. Just be sure they aren’t self promoting, spammy or abusive.

So, even if you are just stopping by, make that little effort and write a comment, even if it’s just a line.

3. You’re Getting What You Want.

You should leave a comment because that’s how Dan and Bill judge what their followers want. Also this is how you can get your questions answered rapidly.

4. You’re Adding Traffic to Your Site.

When you leave a comment, your name will link to your website. People click your link to see what other interesting stuff you have on your website. Obvious but true. You might get some business out of it.

5. You’re Connecting with other Entrepreneurs and Potential Clients That Also Read This Blog.

It’s well known that Dan and Bill are the nation’s most recognized experts on small business marketing. Doesn’t it make sense that someone looking for a service or product like yours may subscribe also?

A potential client could be searching for information on a particular subject in Google can easily stumble on one of these blog posts. Then they will see your insightful comments, determine you are an expert and give you a call.

I actually had one client find me through a blog comment (yes…a comment I made…not from being the author). I ended up billing this client more than $100,000 over the next year. The people who read the same blog post as I did, but didn’t leave a comment that day, didn’t get that business.

Blogging is not only about the author saying his/her piece, it is also about going out and joining the conversation where it is happening. It’s about reaching out to people and exposing yourself to new ideas.

There is no greater way to brand yourself as an expert than to leave insightful and regular comments on a blog like this one…you may even get some new business out of it.

So, let’s start today…everyone leave a comment and introduce yourself to me, Dan, Bill and to all the other blog readers and authors.


Brian Horn, of HornDog Search Marketing, is recognized by many as the "Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon", because of his role in helping not only Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer with search engine optimization and social media, but also many of the top Information Marketers in the world. Brian shares SEO tips for small businesses over at at his blog, BeOnPage1Blog.com.

136 Responses

  1. Hillel says:

    Rabbi Issamar is my Rabbi! :) He is rocking things here in Israel you guys should check him out.

    In any case I’ve learned lots about Dan Kennedy from Rabbi Issamar – so hopefully I’ll be visiting this blog more often!

  2. Mat Herold says:

    Well in that case, here is my site:


    On my site you will find information and advice based on the latest research about losing fat, building muscle, nutrition, performing better in your sport etc. Any advice on the business side of things will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! I am brand new here and I can feel the enthusiasm in all of the comments.

  3. Wow , good info Brian.I fight daily with the people on my team–by the way I write annuties for people with a net worth of 1,000,000.00 dollars or more–about the importance of having people call you and how that alone will remove a lot of resistance to you, but they just WONT get it.

  4. Happy to help, Jan! Go get ’em!!

  5. Mr Fair Go says:


    “Just be sure (comments) aren’t self promoting”

    Kinda hard to do that and also achieve the other objectives listed!

    One of those “fine lines” I guess. :)

    OK, so if you want to know all the Good Things I can do for you, rather than promote myself here you’ll have to click through to my site, http://mrfairgo.com


    Mr Fair Go

  6. Dwight Woods says:

    Brian, I think you’ve hit on something here because I was surprised (and I admit flattered) when you told me you’d been on my website and seen my videos.
    You’re right… The correct kind of exposure can never hurt one’s business!

  7. Brian Horn says:

    Exposure is good for sure Dwight! I’ll keep checking back for more videos…

    And if anyone hasn’t seen them..make sure to check out Dwight’s videos on his site…very cool.

  8. After reading Outragous Advertising, I
    m starting a new approach to my marketing plan. Since we sell a $1500 package and my compitition sell a $75K program I’m advertising a $73,500 discount. Plus in adding in a FREE Itouch with our products photos and videos loaded on the unit.
    PS I missed a day of great sking to finish the book and it was worth it.

  9. Well said, this article hits the nail on the head with regards to why (other than adding genuine value) it’s good to get involved in the conversation.

  10. Donna Kopf says:

    Reminds me of a joke my father used to tell of a host introducing someone of great importance by saying “And now for a man who needs no introduction…” and then quickly walks off stage.

    To make a short and sweet introduction, my name is Donna Kopf as you can see above this post. The image to the right is my foot. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Ashiatsu Massage in the great state of Texas. At the end of December I opened my own clinic, read almost every Dan Kennedy book out there, and have been using his strategies to market my new business.

    Happy Blogging!

  11. Great reminder of the power of comments & using existing forums to let people know what you’re doing. I’ve been implementing ‘GKIC-ism’ in our cafe & catering business (www.foodforme.com.au) in Australia. A weekly video feauturing the mulitple personalities of Cindy the possessed cockerspaniel (see latest news) + competitions has been valuable in waking customers up from their holiday snooze

  12. this is an Awesome post!

    fairly new to Dan Kennedy and Glazer’s stuff, i gotta get that book tonight and join the Magnetic Marketing system, looks way too good!


  13. This is my first time to your blog, and I couldn’t resist your appeal to leave a comment. I’m a small business owner in the Seattle area, on a mission to inspire grandparents to create shared experiences with their grandkids, capturing it all through the lens of my camera – from generation to generation. http://www.grandparents.lorrainemarie.com

    I’ve read several of Dan’s books, but it had been awhile – picked one up last night off of my bookshelf, and realized I’d been missing out on implementing some great ideas. Off to search the rest of this site!

  14. Les Rose says:

    I’m a first time visitor here, and I can see some great tips and even experienced marketing guys like myself need a guru !
    I’ll certainly be back and hope to give from my experience, as much as I take out.
    We can all learn from each other, and it never stops !

  15. David Pickup says:

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for letting leave my comments on here. It is a fantatic way of geting your name out, and for you guys to build your circle.

    win win……….I like.


    David Pickup

  16. Lisa Foster says:

    Thank you for your tips about commenting. I read tonnes of blogs and find that I don’t add a comment but now I will. It helps when the comenting process is not made difficult by having to go through a series of steps first. I will be commenting after I have absorbed the topic for sure!

  17. Tim says:

    I love handwritten notes and additions to correspondence. I don’t use printed labels, I hand write them or hire them handwritten. It gets the envelope opened more frequently.

  18. Hi, I am new to your site but have been diligently reading your book The Ultimate Marketing Plan. I’ll tell you, there is so much information in there that my head is spinning and I have no idea where to start! I like what you said about commenting on blogs because I usually don’t because I don’t know what to say and I didn’t think it was important to do so. Going forward, I will start commenting on blogs and keep reading yours.


  19. […] as sexy as some of my past topics (Google Buzz and Local SEO, Google Real Time Search Results, Leaving Comments to Make You Famous, etc), but these are some cool tips you can apply in 30 minutes or less..and see a positive result […]

  20. HornDog marketing, that’s great.

    It’s great to see so many marketers new to Planet Dan with heads spinning and ideas galore. Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I discovered Dan back when I was chained to my law firm day and night and today I operate three virtual businesses, get to work from home and bring in nearly $2,000,000 a year of revenue. Good stuff.

    Thanks for inspiring me to comment Brian.

  21. Hi, Nice job. I like your blog and I´ll read your posts. I’m a small business owner in Brazil. My prymary job is web design and hosting.

    Your post are important for me and for my costumers.


  22. Wow this site is full of interesting people, I could spend all day reading the stuff.


  23. I keep coming back to this site, its like a magnet.

  24. felipe Hernandez says:

    Tank you for all the knowledge that is made available to us trough the
    membership. IT is a great resource it is better that dealing with
    a University profesor, because you guys do teach from experience and not theory.
    I love the fact that there is no holding back on new knowledge discovered everything is in the open(for a fee of course which is normal we live in a
    capitalsitic society and it is expected.) Although sometimes we get sometthing
    free and it is well apreciated. Thank you again. I am open amd offer my help to members that may need spanish transulatins or english, viceverse. I did learn my spanish in Mexico and later on the English language here in The States.

  25. OK, so in the interest of this article I’m leaving a comment. I’m very much “green” when it comes to marketing on the net (except crafting ad copy and posting it on Craigslist).

    Hopefully this will get more hits on my webpage for my fledgling e-book “How To Build Your Own Teaching Based Small Business” which is available at http://www.teachingbusinessebook.com

    Wish me luck!


  26. Lawrie says:

    Hi there! I have found your articles to be very valuable as I am in the start -up mode of opening up a business. I have a greeting card line in which I use my own photography and can also incorporate my poetry to give the individual a more personalized touch. I will be also selling curios and collectibles.
    I look forward to learning more!
    Presently, I am reading your book, “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” which I thankfully discovered in our local library!
    Thanks so much!

  27. Jack Ryals says:

    My favorite Dan Kennedy quote is “you can not expect, what you do not inspect” and am trying to use as many of his recommendations as we can to achieve our business goals.

    I first learned of Dan Kennedy after seeing his book The Ultimate Marketing Plan at Kinko’s. The book was packed with “no brainer” recommendations. I thought most of his recommendations were things everyone would do automatically, but soon realized our company was not doing many of the most obvious .

    I subscribed to the Glazer-Kennedy No BS Marketing Letter and began trying to implement many of the recommendations from several of his other books, Ultimate Sales Letter, Business Success in the new Economy, and Sales Success in the New Economy. So far, all have been good…but I have not been successful in achieving our goals to double Jackson Stoneworks sales annually and to raise $1,000,000 for the American Cancer Society.

    Jackson Stoneworks is the manufacturer and supplier of custom granite vanity tops for all Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores in the USA and the sponsor of the “Help Stop Cancer with Granite” National Fund Raising Campaign for the American Cancer Society. Google them by name and you can learn all about us.

    I am thankful I do not have cancer and the ACS continues anyway. I am just finishing No BS Sales Success in the New Economy and am glad to find this blog. Hopefully, if I try harder, I will be more successful. Thanks for all your recommendations.

  28. Kerry says:

    Got to love the power of social networking. I found this blog through a tweet via Business Hostess (Heather) and now discovering some more really useful information. Thanks guys!


  29. Victor says:

    One of the reason I have not been posting comments is that I just can’t believe anybody’s gonna be reading few thousands comments and think anything about those who wrote it. I just can’t believe any meaningful person in real life has that much time. So, why bother? I might be wrong, gotta start trying it out (which I am doing RIGHT NOW!) HeadsOn!

  30. […] by Brian Horn on May 19, 2010 var fbShare = {url: 'http://dankennedy.com/blog/internet-marketing/leaving-comments-can-boost-your-seo/',size:'large'} So we know that leaving comments can make you famous. […]

  31. M.J. Love says:

    I never new.

    M.J. Love
    Wedding & Portrait Photographer

  32. Thanks for this. I’m one of those silent readers of blogs, and a new GKIC. I’m still in “overwhelm” mode, but this is one of those useful tidbits that’s quick and easy to implement.


  33. hmm….

    Victor- I read yours!

  34. Jody White says:

    Glazer-Kennedy can make commenting even more valuable for those who participate by getting rid of the nofollow tag on the backlinks. Then we would get SEO (search engine optimization) benefit as well.

    Of course, the task of moderating comments to remove spam would also be more onerous.

  35. Algis says:

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  36. Vicky says:

    Hi All!
    I have been running a small hair salon for almost 5 years, and have been self educating on e-marketing strategies. Although I have tried different types of advertising before, I feel it’s time I really learnt how to use the computer!
    Please have a look at my site and feel welome to leave any comments or suggestions. I’d love to hear any advice on internet marketing or pay per click advertising.

  37. Karen Cox says:

    I didn’t think of commenting like this as more exposure and and way to get more business. I”m a recent member of GKIC and am always looking for ways to reach business owners to help them reduce their legal liability to their business and families. Thanks for all the great information you share.


  38. Wez and Suzy Savage says:

    Love your articles on the reality of advertising and makes us feel better that we are doing the right thing here in Perth Australia ;-

  39. Todd Toback says:

    Thanks for the invite. I am going to participate in some of these blogs more often! I have a real estate investing coaching business and I am looking for ways to bring more value to my clients!

    -Todd Toback

  40. I am so new to this world of internet marketing, fortunately I have found some of the very best in Dan & Bill and Mike Dillard and Joshua Bartlett and Brian Horn and Jonathan Budd and Richard Legg just to name a few. These people care about building a legacy and I appreciate how easy it is to access these true marketers. Great Blog I look forward to learning more.

  41. Mark Linton says:

    I have been a gold member for over a year and procrastinated immensely, even got to meet and hear Dan Kennedy which was an awesome opportunity. We in the Charlotte NC area did have a GKIC local chapter which I went to the last 3 meetings but it ended abruptly which was disheartening considering the networking and information traded with other members and guests: awful large area for no continuance but maybe this post will get read and we will get it back again. It was very motivational and needed.

    “Self Defense Products and Personal Safety Products”


  42. The point about posting to create traffic and get your name out is a total no-brainer. I was just recently made aware of Dan Kennedy by a software and marketing superstar named Giles Bowkett. He refers to Mr Kennedy as “The King” and I’ve already found useful advice here which I happen to be using RIGHT NOW!

  43. Just to be clear on my last post.. I meant it was a “no-brainer” in that I should have thought of this myself but didn’t. Thanks DK!

  44. Hi Dan

    Been a follower of yours for many years. In fact, I’d say that as a business coach, when I started I knew NOTHING about marketing, and it was your stuff that finally kicked me where I needed it, and showed me what I needed to know.

    That was several years ago, and now marketing is an intricate part of what I help clients do.


  45. Enjoyed looking over Dan and Bil’s site and their No BS approach :-)

    Great blog post! And a good reminder. This is what social media is all about – participating in the conversation.

  46. Kevin Donlin says:

    How cool that readers can potentially get new business by joining a conversation like this one! I’ve followed Dan as a loyal subscriber of his No BS newsletter for 10+ years (my member number is 750).

    I now specialize in a sub-set of marketing, helping clients grow their businesses from the inside, via superior service, upselling, referrals, etc.

    Glad I found this blog, which I’ll add to my regular Kennedy reading regimen — vitamins for the bank account :-)

  47. Annabelle says:

    As a helpless newbie in all of this, I’m eagerly following your blogs, facebook posts, and indeed anything that I can find from the Glazer-Kennedy fount of knowledge.

    Straightforward steps to boost business that most people are missing. Love it : )

    Huge thanks.

  48. When will I be famous?

  49. Ed Zaloudek says:

    I just became a member a few weeks ago and am learning a great deal.I would have never thought that leaving a comment on a BLOG could possibly increase my business. Good idea.

  50. Hi Brian,

    I hereby introduce myself to your blog. My website is http://serenityforyou.124online.com. I was actually introduced to your website at http://virgilcook.com/ which mentioned that Dan Kennedy was THE expert in copywriting. I look forward to checking out the website and blogs regularly. Thanks.

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