How to Use Google Buzz to Market Your Local Business

By: Brian Horn on: February 17th, 2010 40 Comments

Everyone in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) worlds are talking about the new social media service…

“Google Buzz.”

While everyone is checking out its cool features and new worlds of communication it has literally just opened up, all of us in the SEO profession are asking:

“How will it affect local SEO?”

Let me first point out a few all but obvious strategic advantages Google Buzz has over its competition:

A.) Google basically is “search”. Google is  the 800 pound gorilla, the cage he is sitting in and the whole damn zoo too. They are “it”.  No one can touch them.

B.) Google Maps is by far the most used maps application on smart phones and desktop

C.) All Gmail accounts were automatically enrolled in Buzz

D.) All new smart phone users that use Android automatically set up a Gmail account

Smart, huh?

Now, I’m not saying that Google Buzz will take over Facebook or Twitter in the near future as a social media destination (it won’t), but from a local SEO perspective…Google Buzz in the very near future will provide more Local SEO benefit than Facebook or Twitter ever will.

I’ll break down the prior statement in just a second, but first I want to share some of my experiences so far to help you get an idea on how Google Buzz may impact your company’s brand and online presence in the near future..and how you can leverage it.

I tried Google Buzz shortly after they launched it. First jumping into it from Gmail I wasn’t really impressed at all.

Now if you are on the Android or iPhone (sorry Crackberry addicts like this ol’ Texas-boy have gotta wait) you get some REALLY slick features. Remember, that even if you are not attached to your mobile phone 24/7 (like the all those 20-something girls with their tiny fingers that can text about 80 words a minute and always seem to be on their phone…and those 30-something business men on that are checking email constantly) there are a lot of your customers that are…and that number is growing every day.

For the Android and iPhone users, you can set a layer in your Google Maps application that allows you to see all of the other people who are “buzzin” in the local area of your business.  Imagine being able to see who is the area of your business, and possibly being able to connect with them in real time.

Because one of my long term clients, Rory Fatt, is the go-to-guy for restaurant marketing,  I’ll use a restaurant as an example.

Let’s say you own a pizza restaurant…and in close proximity is a movie theater or shopping mall. You can track all the people using Google Buzz that are watching the movie or shopping at the mall in real time.

Request a connection with them, and offer them a “Free Appetizer” after the show or when they’re done shopping.  How cool is that?

They can also leave “buzz” about your restaurant on your Local Business Profile’s mobile page.  Basically a review that other people using Google Buzz can see.

This is an area where Google can CRUSH Facebook and Twitter, as the people who are already using Google Maps to search for local businesses will be able to see what other people are saying about the business (aka YOUR business), much like a review. You need to be on there to control the conversation as much as possible.

Ok, Brian…so what does this have to do with local SEO?

I’m gettin’ to it…

First let’s discuss what is already in place and then let’s speculate about possible next steps by Google.

I already covered that Google Buzz is built into Google Maps Mobile edition, that people can buzz about your business and that other people can see theses posts on their mobile Google Map, so it is pretty obvious (or just “obvi” as the cool kids say 😉 ) that you want as much positive buzz as possible about your business.

Also, if someone posts negative buzz about your business, you want to reply to their post to help bring them back in and save the customer. This also will tell other people that see this Buzz that you are concerned about your customers, you resolve complaints and that you are “social media cool”.

Yes, if you thought you were avoiding social media, this is reason #2743 to get involved…and get involved fast.

Now, let’s speculate what a few next steps for Google might be.

It seems obvious to me that standard Local Business Profile Pages will soon incorporate the “Buzz about this business” feature. They’ll probably will also have a section on the Local Business Profile Pages which says something akin to “What’s the Buzz about this Business” and lists public Buzzes about the business.

I would also think that Google would want to add a layer in their desktop Google Maps which allows Buzz users to add that same layer.

All this increased interaction will likely improve your ranking, as Google sees that your business is more actively engaged with your customers and your Local Business Profile will have updated content added on a regular basis.

I’m guessing that unless you have a Gmail account you probably haven’t even looked at this yet…but I encourage you to check it out if you have an iPhone or Android.  Very cool stuff is on the horizon for local businesses. Get a jump on your competition…or at least keep track of what people are saying about you and your business.

Thanks to Kevin Getch and his post Google Buzz: How Will It Affect Local SEO for contributions to the post.


Brian Horn, of HornDog Search Marketing, is recognized by many as the "Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon", because of his role in helping not only Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer with search engine optimization and social media, but also many of the top Information Marketers in the world. Brian shares SEO tips for small businesses over at at his blog,

40 Responses

  1. This is absolute genius!

    Brian- you need to go out TODAY and make this information into a $497 info-product!

  2. Brian Horn says:

    I’m all about sharing ideas…and this is a very high-level overview. Always want to give all our readers as much quality info as possible.

    And about the product…stay tuned Rabbi…

  3. Brian is way out in front of the curve on this one. Take advantage. At the very least make sure that you either “claim” your location in Google Local or add it yourself. I agree with Brian that Google Buzz for local business is an inevitability and I also believe it will hit the tipping point quickly.

  4. Thanks, Brian.

    There’s always a “shiny new object” in the social media world, and smart local business owners should always be on the lookout for ways to use it to their advantage (or pay someone to do it).

    And I’m going to make a note of the date of this post, Brian, when you said that “no one can touch” Google. True today, but in my opinion won’t be true forever. I predict that sooner or later someone passes Google for internet supremacy. Hard to believe right now, I know. But it always happens…

    Thanks for keeping vigilant GKIC members (those that read this blog) informed of the possible benefits of this new service, Brian.

  5. Hal Hoadley says:

    Brian, thank you for this post. You’re “right on” about all this buzz about the “buzz”.
    {Sorry, I could help myself – must be my age} I am bringing small business up to speed using my local internet marketing methods and giving them all gmail accounts.{some didn’t know it was free} This way they can see the power of the “google buzz” when they don’t have an iPhone or Android.
    I just sent to my twitter account this post. Great info, thanks again.
    Hal Hoadley
    Local Internet Marketing Genius

  6. Brian Horn says:

    For sure Scott…Google won’t around “forever”. But they are the only game in town right now as far as search goes…and seem to be only be pulling away each year.

  7. Mara says:

    Brian, AWESOME POST THIS WEEK! Great Content. I love your writing style! :)

  8. Brian Horn says:

    Thanks Mara. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Brian, this is great info, thanks for sharing!

  10. Rob Anspach says:

    I felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding Mack truck the first time I tried Buzz.

    Frankly I don’t want anymore shiny new toys – but Google thinks I do.

    And sadly they will be right.

    Google Buzz will strip the power that Twitter and Facebook have on society and give us something more realtime.

  11. Charles Ra says:

    excellent post Brian,

    and great tips to get involved in the local area social media.
    thank you for sharing hot strategies Brian.

  12. Brian Horn says:

    Thank you to Jarrod and Ryan…glad you liked it. :)

    ..and yeah Rob this has the potential to be huge..and Google has made very few mistakes so far.

  13. Dana says:

    Brian this is GREAT and TIMELY info.

    As Marketing VP for a large membership organization of business owners, many will be happy to learn that GoogleBuzz is a real time tool they can use to dominate their local marketplace.

    Just another reason why GKIC and its members ROCK!
    Thanks Brian.

    Dana Wil
    State VP Marketing
    Marketing & Business Development Expert

  14. Anne says:

    Even before Buzz I was getting traffic through google local profile. Great! Now I’m going to see how Buzz changes things…

    Looking forward to seeing how I can use it!

  15. Brian Horn says:

    Dana and Anne, good to see that you are on the bleeding edge of this stuff already.

    So many people are drug kicking and screaming into social media…very cool that you are already involved and see its power.

  16. … but you forget, the Foursquare or Gowalla! 😉

  17. Excellent information, Brian. I appreciate your helping all GKIC members understand the power of this new wave of technology.

  18. Rob Anspach says:

    …I just wrote an article about Buzz for my blog…
    figured I’d better use Buzz to create my own buzz

  19. Garth "South Beach" Gibson says:

    Thanks Brain (I mean Brian! no I mean Brian the Brain!)

    Yes and perhaps that restaurantuer has already done his recon on the movie so he actually does a Buzz invite right after there is a scene with a pizza in it so the invite is right at the height of their pizza awareness.

    Or perhaps when they know their’s a large group of people waiting in line to see that long awaited premier you buzz them and make an offer to deliver pizza to them to make them their wait for enjoyable.

  20. Garth, that’s genius!

    You should all be sending your subscribers information about Google buzz.. explaining to people what is new out there that they need to know and can use in their own businesses will only cement you position as an authority figure.

  21. Garth "South Beach' Gibson says:

    Wow even better how about adding a celebrity angle to this.

    How about a Buzz with the pizza offer from the actor that was just in that pizza scene or at least a Buzz from an actor that was in the movie they are watching or just watched?

    Seems like with lots of relevance like that you could a whopping response rate

    Now somebody is going to swipe this but how about some kind of web app tool that works like Buzz but not based on location but based on what you are watching on tv

    So how about a community, um let’s take the Dan Kennedy community, are all on the TUZZ.

    So Dan notices they all happen to be warching the new Celebrity Apprentice.
    So Dan sends them a TUZZ invite authored by a former CA Joan Rivers for a special offer only good for the hour the show is on.

    Now that’s a Sweet App!

  22. Janak Mehta says:


    Great Information. Looking forward to hear from you.


  23. Charles Ra says:

    great idea Garth

    I’m copying your idea on my todo list

    be well

    Charles Ra

  24. Amazing thinking Garth…

    I don’t watch TV (don’t have one.) but for the rest of the people out there, that could work amazingly..

    Dan always talks about the media and the medium and the message… talk about targeted advertising!!

  25. Rob Anspach says:

    Good or bad, yes sometimes creating buzz for or against a product can lead to more buzz being created and the product selling even more.

    So what’s the buzz on Buzz?
    Tell your readership all about your experience and then let them decide.

  26. Not only are the posts on this blog fantastic, but the Comments are often full of pure-gold ideas! (thanks, Garth)

    Gotta love Planet Dan!!!

  27. Brian Horn says:

    Wow….some REALLY good comments on this post.

    No joke….very impressive ideas.

  28. […] How to Use Google Buzz to Market Your Local Business […]

  29. Kevin Getch says:


    Thanks for the huge compliment of citing some of my work in the above article!

    I really liked your example of the “real time marketing opportunities” with the Pizza restaurant example. Apparently it also works really well for people who are bored and “buzzing” at work to send a quick buzz out that your running a “Get out of work early happy hour special! From 4-5 $2 well drinks!”

    It is amazing that in it’s infancy Google Buzz is immediately impacting the way we do business! Just imagine as it becomes mainstream how valuable your “Buzz” will be.

  30. Jim Rowe says:

    Brian is the man…I’m all signed up and cant wait to use your example to get more guest in my restaurant. Thanks for all you share horndog!

  31. This is a great post. Opened my eyes to some of the things i hadn’t thought about with Google buzz. Anyway it inspired me to write my post
    ( ) about my take on Google buzz for local business (i think local business pages now include buzz)
    Great post though :)

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  33. […] bail out on me yet. Yeah it doesn’t sound as sexy as some of my past topics (Google Buzz and Local SEO, Google Real Time Search Results, Leaving Comments to Make You Famous, etc), but these are some […]

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