5 Product Launch Tips From The Product Launch Master Jeff Walker

By: Darcy Juarez on: June 6th, 2014 3 Comments

Right before we had Jeff Walker, the creator of the Product Launch Formula, speak at the GKIC Info-Summit a few years back Jeff was gracious enough to share some of his best strategies with our members.  As I re-listened to this recently I realized how true these exact strategies still were today.

The creator of the Product Launch Formula, Jeff is considered THE guy to go to when you want to launch a product or service…

ANY kind of product or service.  (And most recently his own book aptly named Launch.)

You could be selling guitar lessons or teaching how to carve wooden Santas…the formula works gangbusters for any product.

In fact, his formula has generated millions and millions and millions in sales for his students.

During his tele-seminar, Jeff told his story of how he discovered his formula and revealed the EXACT process he used to create his initial Product Launch Formula–which generated $600,000 in its first week.

In a minute, I’ll give you five tips Jeff shared during his call, but first, I want to tell you a little more about how Jeff got started. You’ll want to pay close attention to his story, because in it there is a secret to how you can raise yourself to expert status in your field.

When Jeff Walker started in information marketing, he wasn’t anywhere close to being a guru. In fact, back in 1996, he started an information marketing business out of desperation…

A stay-at-home dad, he was looking for something to do that would bring him in income from home.

He says he didn’t have a clue about information marketing.  He didn’t know anything about how to sell. He was even afraid to ask for the sale because he thought nobody would buy from him. And he didn’t know much about marketing either.

On a shoestring budget, without knowing anything about what he was doing, he made $10,000 in his first year.

What he discovered, after repeating his process again and again, was that his fear of asking for the sale had resulted in a powerful selling formula.   As he fine-tuned his approach, sales rose dramatically.

He then attended an Internet Marketing conference where he shared what he was doing. It was there he realized no one else in this industry was consistently generating the kind of sales he was getting.

What happened next was even more interesting. A few people he met at the conference followed Jeff’s advice, launching their own products. These launches not only created huge sales, but set the “launchers” up as gurus in their industry.  (You might even recognize some of them such as Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern to name two.)

After these new gurus experienced success, they urged Jeff to create and launch his Product Launch Formula.  The problem was
that Jeff hadn’t created anything to sell. So he used what he calls a “Seed Launch” to create his product.

Since then, Jeff has taught others how to successfully create and launch products using his Product Launch Formula. To date, his
formula has generated more than half of a billion dollars in sales for his students and launched not only Jeff’s expert status, but
his student’s expert status too.

These days, Jeff enjoys waking up to orders in his in-box along with the freedom that provides him.

Sound like something you could learn to live with too?  While we’ll share several of Jeff’s best strategies below, we want to let you know that Jeff is Launching (get it) his first book and he’d like you to get a copy for free.  You can do that by clicking here, but it’ll only be available for two more days so don’t wait!

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to get into Internet marketing but were stopped because:

1)      You don’t have a clue about what to sell online;

2)      You only have a few hours to spare;

3)      You only have a few dollars to start with…

Then you’ll want to carefully follow the tips Jeff revealed in his call. He not only shows you exactly how to quickly and easily
create content…but how to figure out what your product should be.  As you will soon see, his process is neither time-consuming nor expensive to do.

As I mentioned earlier, Jeff’s big secret is to do a “Seed Launch”.  This works whether you have a list or don’t have a list, and whether you have a product idea or not.  It costs very little to do because all you really need is a free conference line, a way for people to opt-in, and a way to send emails.

Five tips Jeff gave during our call about doing a “Seed Launch” were:

1)  Figure out your topic. Often people have a general idea about what they could teach someone, but aren’t sure what type of product they should create. What do you know a lot about? What are you passionate about?  For example, maybe you know a lot about gardening or accounting or exercise.  Picking a topic you know about and enjoy will make it easy to talk about and help you create a successful product.

2)  Create initial emails.  You don’t have to sell anything here. Just be yourself in these emails to help attract like-minded people who will be interested in your topic.  And remember that people will be more likely to read your emails if you write more like you are telling a story about your topic to a close friend.

3)  Determine if you will charge or not. The most important thing in a “Seed Launch” is to get people who want to sign up to hear about your topic. Jeff suggests you base your price on what your topic is along with what assets you have, such as your list size.

4)  Create a conversation with your audience.  (Tweet this!By creating a conversation about your topic with your audience, you can discover what material you should cover; what objections prospective buyers have and how to answer them; how to create a perfectly tuned product from your seed launch; and how to create a great product that will help you enjoy long-term success.

5)  Set yourself up for subsequent sales. The key to getting subsequent sales is to give really great content plus a little extra
bonus for your first product. This lays the foundation for a long-term relationship with your prospects and customers.

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Darcy Juarez has created marketing systems in the direct response and information marketing world that have gained national attention. As the Director of Marketing for GKIC , Darcy has taught thousands of business owners her step-by-step strategies for creating their own success and obtaining more time and more profits. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to www.GKIC.com

3 Responses

  1. Nicholas Hollins says:

    Jeff Walker is a guy who never talks about metrics. Why? Because he doesn’t have any metrics. The only metrics he has is the amount of returns will come from his “magic bullet” (around 50%, if you really want to know)…

    He uses his list and gets enormous support from the others – in his syndicate – who mail their lists. He knows nothing of getting traffic. Nothing.

    Of course, why would you want to know…? You wouldn’t if you’re in a partnership to get a commission from his next big thing…

    Darcy, get informed, please…

    • Mike Stodola Admin says:

      Nicholas, I appreciate and respect your opinion but we stand behind Jeff Walker his strategies and his program 100%. Obviously something didn’t work well for you in the past and Jeff doesn’t talk about being a traffic expert. He is a product launch expert. Many incredible marketers will attribute Millions in sales to using his strategies and he literally has thousands of testimonials from people who’ve had tremendous success with his product. While I’m sure you’re not the only one who has has an issue (any company of any size will have some level of dissatisfied customers for any number of reasons) Jeff is the real deal and we use his strategies, along with many others including those we teach, to create products and have successful launches. Better luck in your future ventures.

    • Ricardo says:

      Woah, somebody is bitter! lol

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