You Say You Want A Revolution?

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 25th, 2013 2 Comments

The only thing constant is change.

It’s somewhat of a cliché, but so true.

Embrace it or be run over by it.

Sometimes your business changes gradually, slowly over time.

Take me for instance…

My business evolved over years, almost ponderously, from a disjointed collection of activities—speaking, selling product, a catalog of products, consulting, and copywriting into a synergized organized business. Speaking and product sales put customers into a funnel which led to “membership.” Consulting and copywriting were on the back-end.

Membership evolved from Silver and Gold to what GKIC has now. Speaking was reduced and coaching evolved. And so on.

All of this ‘evolution’ occurred naturally. It was a progressive result of changing circumstances, new knowledge, and necessity.

Revolution occurs suddenly, disruptively, and can be more challenging to cope with, but often, the greatest opportunities are revolutionary rather than evolutionary.

Sometimes revolutionary events are spawned by adverse events, like when broadcast Fax was taken away as a media, and deemed illegal.

Sometimes they are a related to a media becoming useful, like the Internet or a true break-through technique liked forced continuity.

A revolution changes everything.

I’ve experienced revolutionary changes. For instance, speaking on the “Success” events created revolutionary change. At the time, over half of all my new customers and Inner Circle Members were acquired through my speaking engagements on this tour. It also generated $500,000 a year in income from info-product sales.

Adding forced continuity not only was revolutionary for my business, but also for my clients’ businesses.

The world’s leading authority on fascination, Sally Hogshead experienced revolutionary change when she began using her Fascination and a second revolutionary change when for the first time ever she offered an information product on her Fascination system.

The “swipe” of Bill Phillips’ car contest by Joe Polish and I, moved to sale of premium priced coaching inside information businesses, revolutionary.

Every entrepreneur faces and must make choices about and manage both kinds of change.

My father’s original business went from prosperity to extinction almost overnight almost entirely thanks to a single decision he made about evolutionary technological changes.

I might very well have made the same decision. I inherited his stubbornness. But observing it taught me an important lesson, and I’ve been more aware of my tendency to resist unpleasant changes.

In fact, one of the main reasons I decided to sell the Inner Circle business when I did rather than to continue to run it myself for several more years was my belief that the Internet had finally evolved to a real opportunity.

I wanted nothing to do with it personally, but to continue refusing to focus on it carried risk of reversing the growth and prosperity of the business.  So the business needed to be in the hands of somebody willing and able to embrace the change.

Selling it created the revolutionary improvement and expansion by focusing on what I simply didn’t have the time or desire to do.

If you pay attention to GKIC members’ business success stories, you’ll find both evolution and revolution.

When I work with private clients or in coaching groups, I help them to understand and manage the evolution of their businesses, but also to find ways to spark revolutionary changes.

I can list many businesses who sparked revolutionary change by exploring and adding information marketing to their business.

For instance, Dave Dee told his story of how information marketing revolutionized his business in his article, The Most Important Business Breakthrough In My Life…Could It Be Yours Too?.

Bill and Steve Harrison of Radio-TV Interview Report expanded their business by adding additional information marketing products, such as a bundled package and an event called the National Publicity Summit.

There are hundreds of examples. Each entrepreneur experienced a different revolution.

Profit expansion, more independence, time-freedom… results of these entrepreneurial revolutions.

In 2005, the theme for my Platinum group was “revolution.”

Maybe this year, it should be your theme too.

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  1. Scott Martin says:

    Thanks, Dan, for the post. You’re right: a career is, and must be, an evolution. I left traditional magazine publishing for direct response copywriting and I love it.

    While change is important and inevitable, it’s vital for everyone in our space to remember the fundamentals of direct response marketing. These never change. The technology changes but the basics of direct marketing remain rock solid.

  2. i should post a link to your post, from mine, if you dont mind, please reply, thank you

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