Set Off The Fireworks & Join The Global Independence Movement

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 4th, 2013 No Comments

Today in the U.S. we celebrate Independence Day.

While this means a lot of different things to people, for the business owner “independence” is what we all should strive for. It means working when you please, where you please, as you please.

There are, of course, more ways than one to do this. But if you want the quickest way to transform your life and business and are eager to join the global movement that is changing the way industries and professionals do business for the better, there is just one place to go…


In every field, target market or community, there are one or more stand-out income champions who enjoy an income far, far, far greater than all their peers and competitors—and usually receive that income with far less anxiety, struggle, or effort.

As if they are “blessed,” they are able to attract and exercise total control over their business and life. They attract a steady stream of clients without cold prospecting or other “grubby activity.” They are more respected, more prominent, and they have more pleasant business lives.

They live wherever they want and live life to its fullest. Why does this strange mystery exist? Why are there a few who have such a superior income and better businesses than all others?

My entire 40 years’ work has been about solving that mystery, cracking the code, in a useable way, leading to reliable strategies.

As I said, there are, of course, a number of answers and factors. But the best way I know how, the way that does not discriminate –that works for ordinary people from all sorts of backgrounds, walks of life, businesses, and interests who have created extraordinary incomes, lifestyles, wealth and positive influences on others, from scratch, in most cases very quickly, and in some cases with limited resources is… info-marketing.

I have personally met and known info-marketers that are highly educated and barely educated. I’ve met young ones and old ones. Some are brilliant, some are anything but. Some are pretty good writers, some can’t write a grocery list. Some come from successful businesses, others do not.

There are no pre-qualifications to get into this business-nor are there pre-qualifications for you to become that stand-out champion, enjoying million-dollar-a-year + income and multi-million dollar wealth.

Even if you don’t strive to be one of these stand-out people, there are benefits from adding info-marketing to your income stream line-up.

There are eight types of people who should consider adding info-marketing and should attend this eye-opening, life-changing, income-producing Info-SUMMIT event:

1)      Any small business owner who needs increased sales, increased profits, or fast cash flow improvement.

2)      Any person who is looking for an easily repeated step-by-step strategy and structure of a successful business model that is capable of generating a million to a few million dollars a year or more and can be run by one person or more (depending on your desires).

3)      Anyone looking for a business model that can be run from anywhere, from your kitchen table to a balcony overlooking the most scenic view to your kid’s soccer practice.

4)      Perhaps you’re already a darned good entrepreneur, your business is successful and profitable, but you know in your heart that there must be “hidden opportunities” you’re missing only because you are “too close to it” and can’t look at your business with fresh eyes.

5)      You’re an innovative business owner interested in dramatically changing or re-inventing your business marketing a new product or service, expanding or diversifying.

6)      You’re someone who knows you could make more money, if only you could “clone yourself” or if you are tired of trading dollars for hours and want a way to multiply your income without having to multiply your efforts.

7)      You want to start a business or increase your business, but have little resources to do so.

8)      Anyone who is looking for part-time income or ‘retirement’ income and wishes to work only part-time hours.

People need information to do just about anything…to solve a problem, get from point A to point B, find a job. YOU have information people want right now. In fact, you are probably giving away valuable information right now, free.

Why not use that information to help pave a path to your independence?

Information marketing is one of the simplest businesses. In fact, as an example, it’s as simple as creating an e-book—which you can do quickly, simply and inexpensively—and you get to keep 100% of the profits as you don’t have printing or shipping costs. Plus, you typically can charge anywhere from $19 to $79 for a single e-book.

If you want the clearest, straightest, simplest path I know to Independence, this is it.

Happy Independence Day. I hope this is the year you celebrate yours.

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