Attention Entrepreneur…Here’s Your Chance To Get…

The Whole Enchilada!

That’s Right…All 76 Of GKIC’s Products Worth $44,717 Delivered To You On a NEW iPad Air For 67% Off If You Invested In Each One Separately.

Let’s get right to it without any warm up.

We’re going to give away the entire GKIC catalog for 67% off what you would pay if you invested in each course separately.  That includes all of the iMarket products and all the new products we have released to date. 


Why are we doing this?  Because we are your biggest fan and champions of entrepreneurs everywhere.  We are dedicated to giving you a new way to think about their business, while providing them with the tools and knowledge for:

  • Attracting a steady stream of customers
  • Selling at prices higher than your competitors with zero resistance
  • Erasing the evils of business: cold calling, cold emailing and cold prospecting

And what better way to support you then to give you every single product in our catalog that’ll ensure that you’ll open the floodgates to wealth power and freedom!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Take Action Today:

This package contains our entire lexicon of GKIC knowledge not found anywhere else–from the “early days” when GKIC founder Dan Kennedy ran the company all the way to today.

You’ll get access to 76 courses…from the original Magnetic Marketing course that started it all 23 years ago (we’re now on the 6th edition of this course) to the more recent products—some of which go as high as $2597 in price!

This treasure trove of actionable strategies will surely give your business a big boost and will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors who don’t have this cornucopia of GKIC knowledge.

Best part: you’ll no longer have to worry about grabbing our other products in our catalog on lead generation, copywriting, social media, high-ticket selling, etc. when you’re ready to implement them in your business.

You’ll already have access to them right there on our iPad we are going to send you at no extra cost.  So you just flick on your iPad, go to our iMarket app (available for FREE) and access your vast library of 76 products to pick out what you need.

The Knowledge On This iPad Has Been Instrumental In Building GKIC – A Company That Has Survived Economic Ups And Downs For The Past 14 years…

And imagine if you got just 1% of the results we’ve been able to get thanks to strategies and tactics you’ll discover in this revolutionary package that may never be available at this price again.

Just ask some of the GKIC “old timers” who bought previous versions of “The Whole Enchilada” for  $17,997 back in the day.  Back then, we definitely didn’t have the expansive catalog that we have now…but it was still a no-brainer for those who invested.

But when you take action today…you’ll get 76 of GKIC’s products delivered to you on an iPad for just $17,997 (Only 1 payment of $14,997 or 3 payments of $5,332 if you place your order right now! (this offer goes away once you leave this page)

Think about it:  if you’re making six figures per year in your business, that’s only 10% of your total income.   Yet the knowledge you’ll obtain is at worth $44,717 in real-world value—not “made up” numbers—and could allow you to make that investment back with a handful of customers, clients and patients over and over again. 

Imagine Having Everything You Need On Your Ipad To:

  • Attract your ideal customers
  • Sell your business
  • Attract more referrals
  • Drive traffic to your website or visitors to your store
  • Perform one-on-one or one-to-many selling presentations
  • Write better copy
  • Create marketing promotions on the fly
  • Increase the amount your customers spend with you

And remember… 

We’ll Even Send You A Brand New iPad Air With All These Courses Pre-Loaded So You Can Hit The Ground Running!

You’ll no longer have any missing “gaps” in your knowledge when you invest in the Whole Enchilada today.  It’s an investment that’ll pay for itself in new business, more referrals and when you raise your prices.

So invest in the Whole Enchilada today to get the best savings on this massive library!



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