Give Your Business This “Special Advantage”

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 10th, 2015 1 Comment

Below is Gary Halbert’s verbiage, to give credit where credit’s due.

It is profound.

The way Gary explains it in a seminar is: if I offer to set you up in the fast food biz, with a hamburger joint, and you can have any one special advantage you want, what’ll it be?  A clown, special sauce, great burgers, a big ad budget?   He says he’ll take “a starving crowd.”

The proof of this is true – the “roach coach” business: those food wagons that come around to factory parking lots. They usually sell bad, overpriced food, and they are beseiged with swarms of eager customers every place they go. Why? Because they go to where the starving crowd is waiting.

What is a “starving crowd”?

For example, it can be:

(1) a market in chaos, in trauma, in transition, like, right now, the health care professions (fearful of the negative impact of managed care on their futures).

(2) It can be a market where everybody is in pain, like insurance salespeople (hamstrung by over-sensitive parent company enforced restrictions on advertising and
sales practices, faced with declining commissions).

(3) It can be a group of people who are especially, extraordinarily hyper-passionate about their particular interest. Golfers are this type of rabid buyers.

In one way or another, it should be a group of buyers with an aggravation that gives them sleepless nights, ulcers and rage, that you can solve, and/or a burning desire for something you can provide.

Identifying such a market and building the right offer for it is a far, far superior means of doing business than is developing an offer then looking around in bewilderment for who might respond to it.

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  1. David Hunter says:

    Huge fan of The Gary Halbert Letter.

    I do feel bad for the insurance salesmen who work for the big names. I was working with an agent who had their own office with one of those big names and she said everything had to go through corporate and they give all agents the same crappy marketing.

    Another marketer I know got three postcards from three different insurance agents, with the same company, and all the postcards were the exact same… expect, of course, name, picture and contact info. That’s corporate for you.

    Regards to the GKIC Fast Implementation Bootcamp, I just went to the one in Chicago and it was AWESOME! I loved all the hands on training and help we got from Dave, Mike, and everyone else there. Thanks again, guys!!

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