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By: Dan Kennedy on: March 21st, 2015 1 Comment

What got you to the 5-figure, and possibly even the 6-figure level, won’t work when it comes to achieving a 7-figure income.

It’s really very simple. The rules are DIFFERENT when it comes to running a 7-figure business. Old methods and familiar ways of doing things no longer apply. You need to think in radical terms and master a whole new set of techniques and tactics to break that lofty 7-figure barrier.

10 Important Lessons You’ll Learn on Your Way to 7 Figures

Here is just a small sampling of what you will uncover when you sign up for The 7 Figure Academy:

Qualification – How to accurately access potential clients, customers and patients and determine which ones you want to work with (Learning this is mandatory. You cannot cut corners or ignore this.)

Aspiration – Why you must aspire to be the “guru” or recognized expert in your industry. This is another must to attaining more prestige, wealth and power. I’ll show you how to do this without investing too much time or ruffling any feathers in the process.

Competition – The importance of healthy competition and how you can leverage this competition to create a second business from your current one. (This is known as the rule of multiplication. It helps you reach 7 figures faster.)

Dramatic Presentation – It will help you to persuade and lead to more product or service sales than you thought possible. It’s a common, time-tested tactic used by many successful advertising masters over the years.

7 Secret Requirements – You need these if you want to attain a 7-figure income. You won’t discover these in any business class or run-of-the-mill wealth-building book. These were honed during my 40 years of attending the school of hard knocks, while working in the trenches.

3 Must Dos – The three tasks you should never delegate if you want to know what’s going on in your business. As they grow, too many owners pass down or outsource these responsibilities and frequently lose touch with their business right after that.

Respect for Time – How to train others to respect your time so you can get work done. No 7-figure business can operate efficiently without these guidelines in place.

Overcoming Mental Blocks – Three roadblocks to making more money and the best ways to overcome them. Most of these can be traced back to childhood. I’ll show you how to rationalize and hurdle these barricades concerning wealth building.

Cultivate Innovation – How to bring something unique to the table and stand apart from the crowd so you become the obvious choice in your market. (Many 6-figure businesses constantly blow this one, which is one reason why they’ll never reach the 7-figure plateau.)

Game of Speed – When you reach the 7-figure level everything gets a little faster, naturally. Learn the five ways you can leverage places and people so you can get to a 7-figure income quicker and find out how to run and even lap the big dogs with confidence.

This just covers a small slice of everything that’s included in 7 Figure Academy. This program even includes a cameo appearance by Jay Abraham, a business executive and direct response marketing practitioner who shares a lot of secrets that most business people will never know. Although Jay and I are considered friendly competitors, his revelations are just one more good reason why you should gobble up 7 Figure Academy.

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