Stand out in a crowded marketplace—once difficult, now easy

By: Dave Dee on: April 19th, 2016 No Comments

Three years ago at SuperConference, I discovered an important secret that will help you stand out in your market above all others…

When you implement this secret, it will help you attract more customers and more money.

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Here’s the secret:

Your most valuable asset, besides your customer list, is your personality—and knowing how to use it to make a better first impression with your most influential traits.

The key to this secret is to use your personality traits to fascinate people with every contact you make with them. Because, when all things are equal, whichever thing, person, product, business, service, etc. is the most fascinating will always win.

What makes a person, product, service etc. fascinating?

That’s something award-winning copywriter, author and brand guru Sally Hogshead has spent more than a decade finding out.

Measuring what makes people and brands fascinating, she’s looked at the communication styles of more than 700,000 consumers. During that time she perfected a fast roadmap to earn attention in a distracted world and built a “process to persuasion.”

The best part: You don’t have to change your personality. You just need to determine your personality strengths so you can use them to your advantage. In other words—do more of what comes naturally to you.

Sally’s book, “Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist” covers how to do this in great detail along with how to build a better brand message in an hour. She gives you the exact steps you need to make anything fascinating.

When Sally finally figured all this out, her fees went from $3000 to $30,000 per speaking engagement.

As you can imagine, making that much money, for less than a day’s worth of work, is a life-changing event.

What could that kind of change mean for you?

Once you learn how to become more fascinating you’ll easily attract more of the right customers …which will lead to more money which could be life-changing for you too.

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Dave Dee is one of Dan Kennedy's most successful students. Dave saw Dan speak over 16 years ago at one of the Peter Lowe Success Events when he was a struggling magician. He bought Magnetic Marketing and as you will hear when he tells you his story, his life changed in less than 90 days. Dave became a very serious student of Dan's by attending my seminars, joining his coaching group and most of all from implementing what he learned. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to

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