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“Legally Steal” Dan Kennedy’s 9 Hidden Sources Of Ideas And Concepts You Can Use To Easily And Instantly Make Yourself More Creative, Generate Money-Making Ideas On Demand, And Unleash Massive Creative Leaps (And Profits) In Your Business…No Matter Want Industry You’re In.

Discover What Dan Does That Other Entrepreneurs Don’t That  Allows Him To Automatically Generate Money-Making Ideas For His Customers For Life And Get Paid HUGE Sums Of Money To Advise Leaders.

Copy His Strategy And Start Generating Ideas For Products, Ads, Sales Letters, Websites…Even For Revamping Or Reinventing Your Business.

If You Want To Discover How One Of The World’s Successful Marketing Minds Has Been Creating Million-Dollar Ideas For 40 Years, Then Keep Reading…

Dear Future “Idea Person”,

Coming up with ideas is hard. That is, if you take a “sling-mud-against- the-wall-and-see-what-sticks” approach to generating ideas for ads, sales letters, websites and products.

But, if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t have a methodical, duplicable, repeatable system for coming up with moneymaking ideas for your business.

That’s why this message will revolutionize how you think about your business and allow you to effortlessly generate ideas that’ll allow you to:

  • Think of new product ideas on demand…instead of waiting for “inspiration” to hit you between the eyes.
  • Solve business problems and nagging annoyances that are keeping you up at night. Your ability to provide solutions to tough problems will skyrocket when you keep reading.
  • Speed creation of ads, sales letters and other marketing materials. That’s right, “writer’s block” will be a thing of the past. Your staff and competition will wonder what you’re eating for breakfast every morning that’s causing you to “kill it” when it comes to generating breakthrough ideas.
  • Reinvent any product or service by revamping, remixing, or retooling it to become more profitable. If your sales have stagnated or shrunk the past year or so, then this is for you.

This Is How You Turn Your Brain Into An Idea Generating Machine And Make Coming Up With Ideas A Sure Thing:

I’ve been in marketing and advertising for 40+ years. I’ve written 24 books and have people pay me up to $19,000 for a single consultation day.

My success is dependent on coming up with killer ideas quickly and easily. With 5 newsletters to write every month, clients to work with, and my hand in multiple businesses…

I cannot leave creativity up to chance.

Yet that’s what most business owners do. They lock themselves up in a room, stare at the ceiling, and hope and pray they’ll magically come up with great ideas.

In other words, most people take a random approach for generating ideas. They hope the next big idea will suddenly whack them upside the head without any rhyme or reason.

This is not the way to go.

I have a total of 43 ways to think about nagging problems that won’t go away, and a whole host of private checklists and questions I use to speed creation of campaigns.

This is a methodical, duplicable, repeatable method for consistently thinking creatively. It’s a system I’ve been using for 40+ years that allows me to come up with great copy ideas and business ideas for clients.

Nope, I’m not a gifted marketing guru that was born with a special “creativity gene.” I have the academic qualifications of a janitor and have no special talent or skill you don’t already possess.

I just have a set of predictable systems and checklists I run through that makes coming up with ideas a sure thing…instead of relying on “luck” or hoping and praying good ideas will magically appear.

And I’m here to tell you that, based on my 40+ years in the biz:

Being Able To Come Up With Ideas For Your Business Is  CRITICAL If You Want To Get An “Unfair Advantage” Over Your Competitors And Weather The Upcoming Storm

Listen, The U.S. and global economies are troubled. There are new taxes and new regulations on the horizon, and don’t get me started on Obamacare.

You cannot sit back and ride on the coattails of what you built 2-3 years ago and expect things to be the same. You need to innovate with breakthrough ideas and concepts that’ll make yourself immune to these upcoming troubles.

That’s why I have a proven track record of creating new business and turning around stagnant ones. The ideas I’ve generated have helped me and my businesses survive the worst economies—from the Carter years with double-digit inflation to the uncertain economy we’re facing now.

That’s why I’m spending my time writing this letter…to get you to “wake up” and stop being lazy, slack, and indolent when it comes to your business…and life.

So if you’re not making the money you want…or if waking up is equivalent to getting a root canal every morning, then there could be 1-2 “a-ha” ideas that could “flip the tide” for you and your family and put you on the road to prosperity.

The good new for you is most of your competition are too busy using dull, out of touch, and “vanilla” concepts. They stick with what “other” people are doing in their industries and never venture away from the norm.

Either that, or they’re too intellectually lazy to seek new ideas, new concepts and new solutions for their businesses…and prefer to be happy with the status quo.

This is a perfect opportunity to easily “one-up” your competition in ANY industry—because every business relies on breakthrough ideas to survive. So this WILL work for you…even if you’re a chiropractor, dentist, roofer, baker, financial consultant…you name it.

This program is your key to breaking the shackles of the day-to-day grind. You’ll be able to come with more and better ideas that propels your business, puts more money in your pocket, and makes your daily routine more fun and enjoyable.


“Creative Thinking
For Entrepreneurs Workshop”


Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs will take you through 9 different types of creative thinking that will instantly unearth breakthrough ideas for copy, newsletters, ways to get customers, and improving your personal effectiveness.

This package consists of 4 CDs, a checklist, and a transcript straight from a “closed-door” private workshop I held for private clients where I revealed how to turn on creativity at will, create new products at the speed of light, and solve even the toughest problems.

But that’s not all:

I’ll Even Give You My Personal Creative Thinking
Checklist Desk Reference With 90 “Brainstarters” for You To Start Using Immediately, Including:

  • My “Partial Creative Thinking Checklist” Derived From Alex Osbourn–The Creator Of Brainstorming. This is a checklist you’ll be able to go through in as little as 10 minutes that’ll allow you to generate ideas and solutions that will boost your profits. It could be an addition to an existing product or an extra step to a sales funnel…who knows? You’ll never know until you take action and invest today.
  • My “Types Of Thinking” Checklist. This will allow you to take a multi-pronged approach to generating ideas for sales copy, responding to problems, and take advantage of opportunities. Chances are, you’re only employing 1 or 2…but here, you’ll get to employ 43…straight from my personal strategy vault.  
  • My Secret “Stimulus Questions” Checklist. This is a set of 5 questions to ask yourself that’ll ensure that you design your ideal business life and stop putting up with the crap you may be going through right now. This is how I’m able to achieve absolute autonomy in my business—by designing my business to fit my lifestyle, not vice-versa.   

So don’t think of Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs as another set of CDs and transcripts you’ll let sit on your shelf collecting dust. This is a bona-fide creativity toolkit you’ll be able to use immediately as soon as you invest today.

Imagine How Much Being The “Idea Person” Will Greatly Impact Your Copy, Your Business, And Your Life

And think about the reverence you’ll receive when you’re looked up to by your peers, colleagues and family who will jealously ask you, “How did you come up with that?”  

There could be one “tweak”, one idea that’s holding you back from greater success…or from finally solving a major problem.

That’s why Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs is for you.  It awakens the dormant genius that lies within you…just waiting to give you the next breakthrough idea for a sales letter, product, sales funnel…you name it.

Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll discover in this program:

  • How to shortcut your success and come up with product names, sales letter hooks, offers, etc. on the fly without beating your head against the wall (this happens instantly without hardly any brainpower from you).
  • The procedure for defying industry norms in your industry (this procedure will lead you toward one or two really cool and lucrative things to do in your business).
  • How ‘Defensive Thinking” can help you create the ultimate sales pitch (this will give you a HUGE advantage over your competitors).
  • 43 different kinds of thinking from my Private Strategy Vault that’ll allow you to create ideas at will…even if you don’t “feel” like it or don’t have a creative bone in your body.
  • My “litmus test” for deciding what project to work on (this also includes, clients, vendors, customers, you name it.  This can reduce your stress big time).  
  • How to design the business you want—sure beats enduring and suffering every day doing something you hate (Here’s the type of thinking you need to do…).
  • My 18 strategies for “manipulating” products, services, titles, offers, product “bundles”, ads and sales letter themes so you can keep a “fresh look” on tried and true winners.
  • The type of thinking you need to undertake to dominate your market and make you a “category of one” in your marketplace (chances are, you’re cutting yourself short by not employing this).
  • …and a whole LOT more.

Being Able To Conjure Up Moneymaking Ideas On Command Has Given Me A Life Of Autonomy: A Business Life That’s Lucrative And Fun

…and it can for you, too.

Listening to what the “mediocre majority” has to say about getting ideas and being more creative will forever handcuff you to a life of “just getting by…”   

And relying on one or two levels of thinking to solve a problem or come up with ideas for your business could be shunting you from achieving more success in life.

Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs is your ticket to a life of autonomy…of having a business that’s enjoyable. That’s because you’ll be armed with “superpowers” to generate breakthrough product, copy, and business ideas that makes it a joy to wake up in the morning.

You see, people always ask me, “Why haven’t I retired?” Well, why should I when money effortlessly pours to me without requiring me to surrender my autonomy?  

Sure I can write copy and create newsletters. But it’s the ideas behind them that’s the REAL “money” that allows me to command up to $2 million dollars for a single marketing campaign.  

So if your business has been stagnating, shrinking, or it feels like a 500-lb weight strapped to your back, then you need to invest in Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs to breathe some life into your business…and life.

You’re only a handful of breakthrough ideas from creating more autonomy, income, freedom and liberty in your business. It could be solving a problem that’s been vexing you for years, breathing life into a stale product or service, or creating a more lucrative second business.

But if you don’t take action, nothing happens. Those ideas will fall away…never to be acted upon…thus leaving you stuck with “the way things are going now…”

Don’t let this happen to you. That’s why I’ve decided to make your investment in Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs as easy as possible…even though its actual worth is at least ten times what I’m charging.

That’s because you NEED this program. No entrepreneur or business owner worth his/her salt relies on their own thinking or “starting from a blank slate” to generate moneymaking ideas on demand.  

So to make ordering Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs to your form a no-brainer, we’re only going to ask you to invest at a special price of $297—a fraction of the cost of most of GKIC’s other products.

Sure, you could hire me at $3,000/hour or $19,000 for a consulting day to brainstorm ideas for with you. But you’re getting a much better deal when you take action and order Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs now.


Special Limited-Time Bonus #1 (Worth $97)

Only Through Monday Get:

Special Report By Dan Kennedy:

“10 Big Breakthroughs In Business Life”

How Any Entrepreneur Or Sales Professional Can Multiply Your Income By At Least 10X Almost Overnight And Own More Autonomy, Independence And Security Than Ever Before.

I’m about to make you a very BIG promise and you’ll save us a lot of time and aggravation if you just accept what I say as truth.

The PROMISE is this: If you take action on all the actions I suggest in this report, you’ll multiply your income by at LEAST 10X…

…and you won’t have to work 80 or 90 or 100 weeks to do this.

This is the perfect complement to Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs because this report will ignite a flurry of ideas and “a-ha” moments you’re probably overlooking right now.

I guarantee you’ll get the following outcomes when you read this report and take action on what it says:

•    You’ll discover 3 new types of customers/clients/patients who will “give you the money” that you’ve never considered (this could TRIPLE your business all by itself!)

•    You’ll discover how to accurately track every dollar you’re spending on advertising (blowing away your advertising budget and “hoping and praying” you’ll get customers will be a thing of the past).

•    You’ll unearth 3 ideas you can transform your business that has never occurred to you—this could allow you to annihilate your competition.

•    You’ll discover different media to use that none of your competition is using…and more time and energy to sell because you’ve eliminated frustration.

•    You’ll discover multiple opportunities for acquiring customers and getting other people to sell your product/service that’s currently hidden under your nose.

•    You’ll be able to sell at higher fees than ever before, than all your competitors, than your industry norms…even though you think you can’t.

•    You’ll have more receptive, responsive, happier, more loyal customers, clients or patients.

Now this report isn’t something where you sit down, passively read, and rely on your own devices to take notes and think about these important concepts.

Nope, this report consists of questions that are designed to use different parts of your brain that are rarely used to summon breakthrough ideas you can take action right away.

So take action right now and order Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs.  I’ll send you this impactful report for FREE.

Special Limited-Time Bonus #2 (Worth $97)

Only Through Monday Get:

Special Report By Dan Kennedy:  

“When Is Old New Again?”

This special report is more of a RANT than anything else. It’s a short report where I go into where you could be sabotaging yourself by always trying to come up with something “new” instead of just sticking with what works.

I know, I know…I talk about coming up with “new” and  “fresh” ideas in this sales letter. But some marketers ignore their “old stuff” or shelve product/services that filled coffers for the sake of creating something brand new.

So this is a summary of my thinking—and advice to clients—on this subject…which includes gems like:

•    How you should REALLY see your products and services instead of just “moneymakers” (I teach copywriters how to do this, and I’m going to teach it to you here).

•    The one mistake you probably made with your last product launch that probably shortchanged your income (and if you didn’t commit this cardinal sin, then consider yourself lucky).

•    The 3 factors that govern the success of a campaign other than copy…chances are, you’ve got this all wrong if you’re like some of my clients.

•    How to literally PEE away money with your product/service—this is like building an expensive house, living in it for 4 months, and then burning it down and walk away.

•    The 4 questions you need to ask yourself every time you create a winning product or service (most people make the mistake of shelving a product or service too soon).

In other words, this report will provoke you to wring more revenue out of what you’ve got…not what you create next.   

This is the perfect companion to Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs because it will convey you to “re-awaken” old campaigns, products, services…or make the most out of old and unconverted leads you’re probably ignoring right now.

These Special Bonuses Disappear Immediately on January 5th At Midnight So Take Action Right Now To Get This “Must-Have” Bonuses!


Put Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs To The Test On The Next Promotion You Have To Write, Problem You Want To Solve, Or Opportunity You Want To Take Advantage Of…

You’ll see how easy and fast this System really works! 

But if you’re not generating moneymaking ideas for your business and you don’t have friends and family wondering how you’re able to come up with killer ideas and solve the toughest problems…

…then take advantage of our Ironclad Double Guarantee:


Your First Guarantee: You have 2 full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and if for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked.

You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, we are devoted to helping small businesses, and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to profit from the system, we would prefer to buy it back.

Your Second Guarantee: If you keep the system after two months, we will ride along with you for another 10 months and if, after a full year, you can show us proof that you have used at least one strategy, or tool from this course, and you can look us in the eye on paper and tell us that you didn’t get your money’s worth…

…we will still refund every penny for the price you paid for this System.

This will be a toolkit or “desk reference” you’ll refer to again and again on your wealth-building journey…just as I do. In fact, you may need to buy another copy in a couple years since you’ve worn this one out from repeated use!

So You Can Either Do What “Everybody Else” Does And Sit In A Room And Randomly Think Of Thoughts And Leave Success To Chance…

 …or you can use a proven system you can run yourself through every-time you’re confronted with an opportunity, a problem, or are looking for new ideas for copy, products…you name it.

Listen: it’s not all fun and games when it comes to being creative. It’s not enough to lock yourself in a room and “brainstorm” with no rhyme or reason.

You need a repeatable and disciplined approach to coming up with ideas.

If you follow the simple instructions I lay out in Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs” you cannot help but come up with more and better moneymaking ideas for your business, writing and life in general.

And if you’re scratching your head wondering if you need to invest, or plan on “putting this off”…then consider this:

Most breakthrough ideas for businesses come “outside of the
box”…and were NEVER in the areas or categories that people
thought they would be in.

Thus…failure to take action on this offer will relegate you to just using one type of thinking when it comes to solving problems or taking advantage of opportunities.

Maybe you think you’ll get a “better idea” soon or you want to “ponder” this investment. Believe me, after hanging around with from-scratch millionaires and multi-millionaires the past 40+ years, that is NOT how top achievers respond when an opportunity presents themselves.

This is one of those opportunities—to “legally steal” the checklists, questions and procedure I use to create million-dollar sales letters, come up with business ideas for millionaire clients, and escape “ordinary” in my business.

So now it’s up to you. Are you a doer, or are you a pretender?


Yes Dan:  I Want To Turn My Brain Into An Idea-Generating Machine And Make Coming Up With Breakthrough Ideas A Sure Thing

•    I realize that ideas are behind every sales letter, ad, product, or solution to a tough problem. I understand that my future success as an entrepreneur depends on my ability to quickly and easily come up with ideas for my business; otherwise, I could become a victim of the current economic turmoil that’s taking place right now.

•    I also know that I currently have a system I run myself through that allows me to generate ideas for my business…and life. I take a haphazard, random approach to creativity and solving problems and only utilize one or two types of thinking. That’s why I need this program.  

I also know that, once I claim my copy of this System, I’ll be instantly as creative as you, as I’ll have your desk-reference checklist at my side that’ll serve as a stimulus to create my own breakthrough business ideas.

•    I know that I could get my money back over and over again thanks to the speed I’ll be able to conjure ideas for sales letters, websites, marketing campaigns, solutions to problems…you name it.  

•    And I know I’m covered by your generous ironclad guarantee where I can return these materials without any questions asked.  And I have 365 days to do so…which means there’s no way I can make a mistake. I either profit from this course or I don’t pay.

Yes Dan, I’m Ready! Please send me my box containing the CDs, transcripts and exhibits right now, while it’s still hot on my mind.

 Dan Kennedy’s

“Creative Thinking
For Entrepreneurs Workshop”

ONLY $297

 Get these “Must-Have” Special Bonuses
They Disappear on January 5th At Midnight So Take Action Right Now…Yours FREE To Keep


Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,
Dan's signature_Black
Dan Kennedy

P.S. There are very few marketing practitioners who are truly creative. Most just “copy” other people and rely on their own devices and when it comes to generating ideas.

So if you struggle with coming up with original ideas for ads, sales letters, and products, then Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs is for you. So take action today and enjoy the prestige of being the “idea person” in your business, in your family, and amongst your friends.

P.P.S.  Imagine saying “Yes” to that vacation, home improvement, new car, and kid’s college preference without fretting, “Can I Afford It?” And think about how it will feel to gain autonomy in your business so you can take a 3-day weekend whenever you want.

Being able to come up with fresh ideas for copy, products, sales funnels, etc. has allowed me to enjoy a prestigious 40+ years working with from-scratch millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. You’ll get the exact system I use to summon my creative muse on command so that my success can easily “rub off” on you. Order today.  

P.P.P.S.  C’mon, what are you still reading this for? Hit the DARN button below and shift your creative thinking into high gear today. I will NEVER reveal this system in another program or seminar, so stop “thinking about it,” pondering and wondering “if this is for you.” If you miss out on this, then you’ll miss out forever.

Creative ideas are essential for a better business, more income, more free time, and less stress, worry and strife in your business. Stop settling for “low-level thinking” when it comes to solving your business problems and creating new products/services. Summon great ideas on command by taking action today.

If you’re a doer, then order Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs right now…and get blown away at the ideas you’ll be able to generate on command.

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