Grab Them By The Throat Using These Headline MUSTS!

By: Mike Stodola on: May 19th, 2016 1 Comment

The headline is the single most important part of any type of advertising you do.  Wether it’s a traditional print ad, like a postcard or sales letter, or the first sentence out of your mouth to a prospect in person or on a webinar or video sales letter (VSL).  When using Facebook or other pay-per-click media, a headline is practically all the real estate you get.  As we’ve said, ‘the headline is the ad, for the ad.’  Profound huh 😉

Here are three quick rules that’ll instantly improve your headline and thus whatever comes after it.

First…identify your audience so you’re talking ONLY to your ideal prospect.  Yes I know…you wan to attract the world and you’ll be leaving most people out…but that’s the price of good advertising.  Plus with tools like facebook and smart list buying, you can practically ensure that you’re only talking to your ideal prospect anyway.

So what’s this look like…when I first got into real estate, I thought I was a so smart because I bought a bunch of ads where I promoted myself as the go-to guy for “Everyone from first time buyers, to seasoned real estate investors!”  I’m a freaking genius, in a single sentence I let the world know I was for them, whoever they were.  My response…literally ZERO.  And because I didn’t do anything small…I spent BIG on this.  Can I mention again how the result was ZERO.  No homes sold, no clients, not even a single call.

Then I discovered the little secret above and started advertising for ‘Doctors looking to create long term wealth fast and lower their effective income tax rate just using their spare income.’  Lot’s of calls, several clients, tons of properties sold because they were repeat investors.  I also had ads for “First time buyers looking for two-three bedroom, no maintenance town homes in Vernon Hills for less than $1,000 a month”, and “A FREE pricing guide for Libertyville’s Historic District Homeowner’s” and dozens of others.





I wasn’t “losing” anyone…I was gaining TON’s of new clients by speaking directly to them.  Just do it.  Trust good’ol Mike on this one.  I wasted ten’s of thousands so this tidbit is my gift for you.

Secondly…your headline needs to be all about the benefit to your prospect.  Either by highlighting the pain they are currently in, or helping them envision what their future will look like once they get your product or service.  As the old saying goes, no one buys a hammer because they need a hammer.  They buy it because they need something nailed. 

So don’t tell them you have “The Stunning New Breakfree Treadmill!  20+ workouts, full heart rate control.” (Real AD Headline.)  Instead why not say “36-39 Year Old Women Looking To Go Down 1-3 Dress Sizes In 14 Days Using The Latest Breakthroughs With a Customized Workout That Adjusts to Your Heart Rate Ensuring Maximum Calorie Burn, In the Least Amount of Time.”  I will put my money on AD number two 100% of the time.  What about you?  

Finally, you can be cute and funny with your headlines, or you can be successful.  Pick which one you want.  Way, way, way, way, way too many people spend too much time on slogans, rhymes, “fun”, cute headlines.  Don’t be one of them.  I know we’re influenced by what we see on TV, hear on the radio and is splashed in front of us 1,000+ times a day, but a lot of that stuff is junk.  Pick an ad, call the company, and ask what their ROI is on that ad. 

If you could do this and they would respond, you’d likely have some numbskull who thinks you’re an idiot, explaining to you in little words, why that’s NOT how it works.  Hey, I was able to measure about 90% of my marketing dollars.  If not specifically, at the very least directionally (if that’s a word.)  I needed each of my marketing dollars to run out into the universe and grab a bunch of it’s friends and come back to me so I’d put those friends to work.     

So stick with compelling, targeted, benefit laden headlines that are all about your ideal prospects desires, fears, wants and needs.  Fun and cute can come later…once you have what used to be their dollars in your bank account. 

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    Just want to say Thanks for the article. It makes a lot of sense and I always enjoy learning something new each day, especially if it’s a subject I’m not particularly good at.

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