What This Crazy World Series Can Teach You About Becoming An Instant Hit

By: Darcy Juarez on: October 29th, 2013 3 Comments

This past weekend the “water cooler” talk has hit a record high for the World Series.

Even if your team didn’t make it to the World Series this year, (my Cubs didn’t,) my guess is you’ve at least heard something about the crazy endings to games 3 & 4.  You might have even been curious enough about what you heard to find a replay of the “first walk-off interference play” that lead the Cardinals to a win in game 3.

The topic trended on social media sites…increased the number of overall viewers by 15% over last year…and drew six times the number of tweets as anything else on opposite of it Saturday night.  Fox analyst, Tim McCarver said fans tuned in and talked about the event “at levels not seen in years.”

Similar to promoting a television event or show, marketing your business is a contest for people’s attention.  You want to continually strive to get people to react to your messages, talk about you and take you up on your offer…at “levels not previously seen.”  Here are three ideas to attract more attention that you can “borrow” from the 2013 World Series:

1)      Don’t be afraid to be a bit crazy. Granted no one, not the networks, the Cardinals, the Red Sox, analysts, etc., could have predicted these crazy events would happen, but as a marketer you can intentionally create some “crazy moments” for your prospects.

Dan Kennedy says, “The worst marketing sin you can commit is to be boring.” Create marketing that is exciting and outrageous…something that makes your peers, maybe even yourself, cringe a bit. (Tweet this!)

Tell a funny or embarrassing story that people won’t be able to resist sharing. Send a note on a balloon, a lunch bag, or a placemat. In other words, make your marketing fun. (For Outrageous Advertising examples, check out Outrageous Advertising Workshop & Swipe File.)

In No B.S. Business Success, Dan gives an example of how ad-man turned TV commentator Donny Deutsch went after (up to that point) the largest client of his ad career. A $3 Million dollar account, it was an auto dealer association. Despite the fact that Deutsch had no auto industry experience and no TV experience (which was the media the client primarily used,) he won the account against bigger and more experienced competitors using an outrageous idea that included delivering car parts from a junkyard to the client with different marketing messages. For instance a headlight was sent with a note promising bright ideas. (Get the full story in Chapter 6 of No B.S. Business Success.)

You have the opportunity to get people talking about your ad around the “water cooler,” sharing it on social media, and showing it to their friends. What can you do to create some “crazy” moments in your customer, client or patient’s day that will get them talking?

2)      Pique curiosity. You must admit that reading headlines such as “Cardinals Win Game 3 of World Series on Crazy Final Play” and “Call of The Century: Cardinals Win On Obstruction” make you wonder what happened at the very least. And the more you hear about it, the more you want to find out what happened.

Take the time to learn the fundamentals of crafting a compelling sales message. When you do, you will have the tools to consistently be able to create curiosity and other elements that will drive your prospects to want to find out about your products and services…and ultimately buy from you.

3)      Understand what triggers response.  The obstruction call and the pickoff throw that ended games 3 & 4 respectively, were not the only things that contributed to the win. Home runs and errors could have easily been the subject of the headline here, but that isn’t how top media chose to hook their readers, viewers and listeners.

Ask yourself why that is.

Of course, getting people to respond to your marketing goes deeper than just picking the right hook for your headline.   You must know and understand what will get your target audience to continue reading and what will make them want to whip out their wallet and buy…and what will cause them to keep their wallet comfortably resting where it is.

Let me show you what I mean…Your headline has a big job. It must telegraph your news, idea, or breakthrough and “sell” people on reading the rest of your ad. Its first job is to compel people to stop whatever they are doing and instead shift his/her attention to your message.

Once you’ve successfully shifted their attention, you need to push their hot buttons by addressing what is keeping them awake at night.  Then make sure your offer creates believable urgency as to why they should respond to you immediately. You want to all the triggers in place so by the end of the ad, you close the sale.

For example, Chauncey Hutter Jr. of Real Tax Business Success runs an ad shortly before the April 15 tax filing deadline with a headline that says, “Warning! Procrastinators: If you have NOT filed your taxes yet, read this now!” His ad copy triggers the fear and stress he knows people who have put off filing their taxes are feeling. In the end he offers to solve their problem, eliminating their pain. And by sending this ad out near the tax deadline, he creates a believable urgency that gets them to take action.

Using direct response triggers such as the attention-grabbing headline, emotional triggers, and believable urgency will consistently generate higher response.

By always looking for exciting ways to present your product or service, understanding what will get people truly interested, and knowing how to make them respond, you’ll not only get people talking about you, but you’ll create some dramatic sales and marketing breakthroughs that will add to your bottom line in a big way.

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Darcy Juarez has created marketing systems in the direct response and information marketing world that have gained national attention. As the Director of Marketing for GKIC , Darcy has taught thousands of business owners her step-by-step strategies for creating their own success and obtaining more time and more profits. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to www.GKIC.com

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  1. Mark says:

    Darcy, this is a great article! Especially point # three, where you elaborate your insights on understanding “what triggers a response!

    As you expertly point out, you’ve got to do more than just pique your readers interest with a compelling headline!

    The example with the “Warning!” type of headline used by the tax expert on or before April 15 is great example of triggering a response! Thanks for the proven insights!

  2. thanks you guys,at first i was about to delete this stuff about baseball,but i do respect your smarts, so ,i read and came up with whats been keeping me up at night.The new seller financing laws are changing and this will make it even harder for home buyers to get a home ,so,this will show a beliveable need for urgency and will keep them up at nite,plus pay attention to my email headline.Also i ran and got my book business success and my outrageous swipe file. Peace

  3. Kay says:

    Great article! All great ideas that we can and need to put into action. Your #1 idea sounds like a lot of fun–will definitely put these ideas into my arsenal!

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