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The Real Secret To Getting Ahead

By: Dave Dee on: December 3rd, 2013 6 Comments

We are only one month away from the New Year. And I’m receiving your message loud and clear… that you want to achieve your ideal lifestyle with less difficulty, greater clarity and at an accelerated speed. I get it… You want a company that runs more efficiently and requires less of your time. You want to work with people you like, doing work you enjoy, where and when you want… So you can build your[…]


How to get your customers to open, click and buy, no matter how weak your subject line is

By: Darcy Juarez on: November 26th, 2013 8 Comments

It was a big task… And one I wasn’t entirely sure I could accomplish. The task? Improve our email open rates, click-through rates and revenues. I’d just started at GKIC and, although confident in my abilities, I was still slightly skeptical. Because while I could find good copywriters that could write better subject lines, calls to action and so on, our list was somewhat “damaged.” Meaning that some of the emails we’d been sending had[…]


How To Double Your Sales…

By: Dave Dee on: November 21st, 2013 No Comments

Time for another “Mind-Reading Moment” from your friendly neighborhood Psychic Salesman on how you can close more sales. When it comes to CLOSING THE DEAL as a salesperson, I’m wagering the following challenges come to mind: You’re sick and tired of rejection… Clients don’t return your calls as often as you’d like… You can’t get appointments with decisions makers… You dread the thought of making even one more cold call… There’s a gnawing pain in[…]


Five Things You Can Learn From Olympians About Winning In Your Market

By: Darcy Juarez on: November 19th, 2013 4 Comments

Have you noticed all the commercials with Olympic athletes lately? With the February 2014 Winter Olympics approaching, commercials featuring Sochi-destined athletes  have ramped up. But you might have noticed that, even though there are a lot of extremely talented Olympian athletes, most of them are never mentioned. The ads pretty much only feature gold medalists. Why? Because people like to be associated with people and things that are number one, so winners tend to get[…]


Most Entrepreneurs Deprive Themselves Of This Shortcut, Are You?

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 16th, 2013 1 Comment

I’ve just returned from Chicago and our annual Info-SUMMIT event. Chicago, the city itself, is rich in instructive stories and actionable history. An example, American football halfback for the University of Illinois and the Chicago Bears, Harold “Red” Grange (June 13, 1903 –January 28, 1991).  Nicknamed “The Galloping Ghost,” Grange is credited with legitimizing the value of “pay for play” as well as boosting the National Football League and helping it succeed and grow to[…]


Awaken Your Dream Business And Bust Down Roadblocks With This Indispensable Component To Success

By: Dave Dee on: November 14th, 2013 2 Comments

“I’m not a teacher, but an awakener.”—Robert Frost Does your business need a boost? Do the six and seven figure entrepreneurial lifestyles you read about seem more like wishful thinking and pipe dreams than a reality in your future? One of the most frequent questions we get from GKIC members is about how to apply to your own business the guidance you receive in our newsletter, live training and other resources. Because when you operate[…]


Three Ways To Show Up Like No One Else

By: Darcy Juarez on: November 12th, 2013 5 Comments

This past weekend at Info-SUMMIT, marketers’ extraordinaire Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller walked on stage in matching three piece suits with pink bow ties. (Check it out…click here) There was no question that they stood out and made a memorable impression. As marketers, getting attention…standing out…making a lasting impression…are all things we must strive to do. In fact, that was a common theme throughout the weekend—how to grab eyeballs in an ever-increasing distraction ridden world.[…]


The Most Powerful Way To Improve Your Marketing…

By: Dave Dee on: November 7th, 2013 1 Comment

“I think stories are extremely important…I’ve made a good living with (them) for decades.”—Dan Kennedy Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Dan Kennedy to get some of his best material out of him as part of a very special event—celebrating Dan’s 40th Anniversary in Info-Marketing. (If you’d like to be a part of this spectacular evening—and listen in on the stories, see the “Best of Dan” video, and all the other fun stuff, you can be a[…]


Use This Simple Free Google+ Tool To Connect, Monetize & Create Buzz

By: Darcy Juarez on: November 5th, 2013 2 Comments

Are you an early adopter? Do you want to get the jump on your competition in regards to one of the niftiest new (and free) marketing tools available today? Google Hangouts is a extremely powerful tool offered by Google+ that allows you to have a live group conversation using your webcam. It’s kind of like video conferencing (or Skype) meets a webinar, but you can video chat with multiple users instead of just one. Plus[…]


Getting Into The Winner’s Circle Through “Blood, Sweat And Beards”

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 1st, 2013 7 Comments

Several of the Red Sox best known players swore off shaving until they won the World Series…making way for beard-yanking rituals after a big hit and “Fear The Beard” headlines. In the world of baseball, it’s just one more crazy superstition and a way for Red Sox supporters to bond. Baseball players have been known to be notoriously superstitious throughout the years.  Many feel it gives them more luck and a better chance to win.[…]